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  1. which statment below accurately describes the rate of HIV/AIDS infection in Sub-Saharan?
    It is among the highest in the world
  2. which of these factors does not play a role in the spread of HIV/AIDS?
    lack of government organization 
  3. what often happens to the children of those infected with HIV/AIDS?
    many of these childern become orphans
  4. why don't more africans infected with with HIV/AIDS take the antiretroviral that can slow down the progress of the diease?
    the drugs are to expensive for most africans
  5. how does the HIV/AIDS rate Zimbabawe compare to the rest of the africans countries rate?
    it is one of the highest on the continent 
  6. what has been the response of the Nigerian government to the HIV/AIDS crisis?
    the government is working hard to educate the people and make treatment availiable
  7. what has been the response of the government of Bostwana to that country's high rate of HIV/AIDS?
    bostwana cannot do muck about it because the government is to poor
  8. how do polictical conflict sometimes lead to famine?
    conflicts disrupt farming and little is produced
  9. what sort of polictical conflict led to famine in the african country of angola?
    civil war 
  10. how do millions people in southern sudan get food today?
    food is produced through international organization
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