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  1. what are signs and symptoms of hypovolemic shock?
    • -fetal HR change
    • -rising weak pulse (tachycardia)
    • -rising respiratory rate (tachypnea)
    • -shallow, irregular respirations; air hunger
    • -falling B/P (hypotension )
    • -decreased urine output/ or absent
    • -pale skin or MM
    • -cold, clammy skin
    • -faintness
    • -thirst
  2. what are some risk factors for gestational hypertension?
    • -first pregnancy
    • -obesity
    • -family history of GH
    • -under 19 over 40 yrs of age
    • -multifetal pregnancy (twins)
    • -chronic hypertension
    • -chronic renal disease
    • -DM
  3. what are foods thats is high in iron
    • -meats
    • -chicken
    • -fish
    • -liver
    • -legumes
    • -green leafy vegetables
    • -whole or enriched grain products
    • -nuts
    • -blackstrap molasses
    • -tofu
    • -eggs
    • -dried fruit
  4. what are some foods high in folic acid
    • -green leafy vegetables
    • -asparagus
    • -green beans
    • -fruit
    • -whole grain
    • -liver
    • -legumes
    • -yeast
  5. what are some foods high in Vitamin C
    • -citrus fruit and juice
    • -strawberry
    • -cantaloupe
    • -cabbage
    • -green and red peppers
    • -tomatoes
    • -potatoes
    • -green leafy vegetables
  6. temporary, gradual rate decreases during contractions; the fetal HR always returns to the baseline rate by the end of the contractions
    early decelerations
  7. decelerations that results from compression of the fetal head and is a reassuring sign of fetal well being
    early decelerations
  8. the peak of deceleration occurs at the same time as the peak of the contractions
    early decelerations
  9. interference of blood through the umbilical cord
    variable decelerations
  10. abrupt decreases of 15 beats/ min below baseline, lasting 15 seconds to 2 minutes. these decreases begin and end abruptly  
    variable decelerations
  11. ______ decelerations suggest that the umbilical cord is being compressed
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