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  1. cabinet / kyabae-net
    • [noun]
    • a piece of furniture with doors, drowers and/or shelves, that is used for storing or showing things
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    • <EXTRA>
    • (usually the Cabinet) a group of chosen members of government, which is responsible for advising and deciding on government policy
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    • *Japan Cabinet reshuffle
    • *Prime Minister Noda, front center, with cabinet members on Monday
  2. The Illinois General Assembly
    • [Illinois]
    • [noun]
    • IL; a state in the MIDWEST of the United States, famous for its farming and industry. Chicago is its largest city
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    • [General Assembly, the]
    • [noun phrase]
    • 1. a group that meets to make laws in some of the states of the United State

    2. the group that represents all of the countries which belong to the United Nations. Its members meet regularly to discuss plans and vote on suggestions, with each country having one vote
  3. measure / mei-jor

    *The Illinois General Assembly is believed to be close to a vote on a measure.
    • [noun]
    • an action, especially an official one, that is intended (to have a plan, result or purpose in mind) to deal with a particular problem
    • (= step)
    • *Measures are being taken to reduce crime in the city.

    • <Word Family>
    • measurement / measurer [noun]
    • measure [verb]
    • measured / measurable /measureless[adj]
    • measurably [adv]
  4. House Bill 30
    • [House Bill]
    • A bill, either public or private, which is first introduced in the House of Representatives. After it has been passed by the House of Representatives, a House bill is sent to the Senate.

    • [House Bill 30]
    • Short Description:  MEDICAL CANNABIS
  5. so-called

    *House Bill 30, that would allow so-called "medical Marijuana"...
    • [adj]
    • 1. [usually before noun] used to show that something or someone is usually called a particular name

    2. [only before noun] used to describe someone or something that has been given a name that you think is wrong
  6. the District of Columbia
    • [the District of Colombia]
    • [noun phrase]
    • a.k.a. Whasington, D.C.
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    • [district]
    • [noun]
    • 1. an area of a country or town, especially one that has particular features
    • 2. one of the areas which a country, town or state is divided into for purposes of organization, with official BOUNDARIES
    • (= borders)
    • *a school district
    • *LA Fashion District

    • <Word Family>
    • district [verb]
  7. permit / per-mit

    *The Illinois General Assembly is believed to be close to a vote on a measure, House Bill 30, that would allow so-called “medicinal marijuana” and make Illinois the 20th state (counting D.C.) to legally permit cannabis in some fashion.
    • [verb]
    • 1. (intransive & transive) to make something possible
    • 2. (transive) to allow someone to do something or to allow something to happen

    • <Word Family>
    • permission [noun]
    • permitedly [adv]
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