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  1. What is Connective tissue made up of?
    Extracellular matrix and cells
  2. Wht is extracellular matrix made of?
    Fibers (proteins), ground substances and tissue fluid, secreted and organized by cells 
  3. What are cells made up of?
    Fibroblasts and many wandering cells most are immune cells
  4. What is the function of Connective Tissue?
    • Support - forms framework which other body tissues are assembled
    • Defense - extracellular matrix slows the progress of many bacteria and foreign particles. Immunologic defense.
    • Repair - rapidly closing any breaches in bodies protective barriers.
    • Storage - reserves of water and electrolytes are stored in the extracellular matrix as well as lipids
    • Transport - most blood and lymphatic vessels are surrounded by loose connective tissue
  5. What is ground substance?
    • forms extracellular matrix. Made of proteoglycans.
    • Hyaluronic Acid
  6. What are the three types of Fibers?
    • 1) Collagen Fibers - dominant fiber, adds strength to the connective tissue. ¬†Types I,II, III form Tropocollagens. Type IV makes up basal lamina.
    • 2) Reticular Fibers - form fine networks instead of thick bundles. give support to individual cells, muscles adipose tissue
    • 3) Elastic Fibers - can be stretched up to 150% of oirignal length. Arteries nd viens, yellow ligaments
  7. What are fixed cells?
    • Fibroblast - they synthsis and excret proteins needed to repar tissue damage.
    • Fat cells - storage of lipids, secrete the protein leptin which regulates appetite
  8. What are wandering cells?
    The second type of cell in Connective tissue.
  9. What are examples of wandering cells?
    • -Macrophages: arise from monocytes in bone marrow
    • -Mast cells: secrete heparin and histamine
    • -Lymphocytes: immunological reactions
    • - Reticular cells: form network of reticular fibers
  10. What re the charateristics of C.T.?
    • Loose connective tissue
    • Dense connective tissue
    • Reticular connective tissue
    • Elastic Tissue
    • cartilage, bone, bloos, adipose tissue
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