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  1. What did Miles Davis play?
  2. The first quintet was made up of
    • John Coltrane
    • Red Garland
    • Paul Chambers
    • Philly Joe Jones
  3. Bill Evans played the
  4. Who was the pianist on KIND OF BLUE
    Bill Evans
  5. Bill Evan played the piano and also he...
    was a composer in his own right, had an original aproach to chord songs
  6. John Coltrane was a ________ player
    tenor sax
  7. "The Quartet" was made up of
    • McCoy Tyner
    • Elvin Jones
    • JImmy Garrison
  8. The 2nd quintet was made up of
    • Herbie Hancock
    • Ron Carter
    • Tony Williams
    • George Coleman
    • and later Wayne Shorter
  9. Wes Montgomery was a ______player
  10. Wes Montgomery played in a particular style which was..
    He played with the thumb, octavoes, he also made a lot of pop records
  11. Thelonius Monk was a
    piano player/composer
  12. What are the five most important things about Monk?
    • He was the most widely performed jazz composer after Duke Ellington
    • Quirky Music
    • Most important tune was "Round Midnight"
    • Won the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 well after his death
  13. What was so important about Monk's style?
    He changed the way that we hear jazz with his quirky music and blues.
  14. What was Charles Mingues very outspoken about?
    Civil rights
  15. Mingus was a _________ and a ______player
    Composer and bass player
  16. what was the name of Mingus's breakthrough album?
    Pithecanthropus Erectus (1956)
  17. Why was Mingus so outspoken about civil rights?
    because he resented the thought that african americans couldnt be successful in classical music ( he was also talked into switching to bass, from the cello. He is musically trained)
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