nervous system

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  1. cerebral dominance
    hemisphere dominant form language - left hemisphere 90% of ppl
  2. This hemisphere is for visual-spatial skills, intuition, emotion, and artistic and muscial skills.
    right hemisphere
  3. This hemishphere is for control of language, math, and logic
    left hemisphere
  4. hemispheres communicate almost__________ via________and functional integration.
    instantaneously , fiber tracts.
  5. hemispheres are almost identical when?
    when looking at them
  6. these fibers horizontal, connect different parts of same hemisphere
    association fibers
  7. these fibers are horizontal, connect gray matter of two hemispheres
    commissural fibers
  8. these fibers are vertical , connect hemispheres with lower brain or spinal cord
    projection fibers
  9. what are the three parts of the diencephalon
    thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus......retina of eye.
  10. what is 80% of the diencephalon?
  11. this is the gateway to the cerebral cortex
  12. this sort edits and relays ascending imput which includes impulses from hypothalamus for regulation of emotion and visceral funtion
    impulses form cerebellum and basal nuclei to help direct motor cortices
    impulses form memory or sensory integration
    mediates sensation, motor activietes cortical arousal, learning and memory
  13. This deals with temp. and controls endoctrine system
  14. controls autonomic nervous system - blood pressure, rate and force of heartbeat, digestive tract motilit, pupil size
    has to do with perception of pleasure, rage, fear and biological rhythms and drives
  15. This regulates body temperature - sweating/shivering
  16. this regulates hunger and satiety in response to nutrient blood levels or hormones
  17. this regulates water balance and thirst
  18. regulates sleep-wake cycles and controls endocrine system
  19. suprachiasmatic nucleus
    biological clock
  20. controls secretions of anterior pituitary gland and produces posterior pititary hormones
  21. makes melatonine which helps regulated wake and sleep cycles
  22. pineal gland body extends from the posterior border of this and secretes melatonin
  23. this hormone helps regulate wake and sleep cycles and is produced by what
    melatonin - pineal gland
  24. what is the three regions of the brain stem
    mid brain, pons medulla oblongata
  25. this controls the automatic behaviors necessary for survival
    brains stem
  26. this has nuclei associated with 10 of the 12 pairs of crainal nerves
    brain stem
  27. in the midbrain the cerebral penduncles ventrally what?
    contain pyramidal motor tracts
  28. cerebral aqueduct what?
    channel connecting third and fourth ventricals
  29. Which ventrical seperates the pons and the cerebellum
  30. the fibers of this connects the higher brain centers and spinal cord and relay impulses between motor cortex and cerebellum
  31. in this you have the origin of the cranial nerves V, VI, VII
  32. In this you have the orgins of the craial neves VIII, IX, X, XII
    Medulla Oblongata
  33. This controls the Cardiovascular center
    Medulla Oblongata
  34. These are part of what - Cardiac center_Vasomotor center
    Cardiovascular center
  35. This adjusts the force and rate of heart contraction
    Cardiac center
  36. This adjusts blood vessel diameter for blood pressure regulation
    Vasomotor center
  37. This controls the Respiratory centers
    medulla Oblongata
  38. This generate respiratory rhythm and controls rate and depth of breathing with pontin centers
    respiratory centers
  39. vomiting
    medulla oblongata
  40. deals with input from cortex, brain stem and sensory receptors and allows, smooth, coordinated movements
  41. treelike patteren of cerebellar white matter
    arbor vitae
  42. all fibers in cerebellum are ipsillateral
    cerebellar peduncles
  43. Role in thinking, language, and emotion. May compare actual with expected output and adjust accordingly
    cognitve function of cerebellum
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