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  1. Site of an ill-fated invasion of cuba in april of 1961, it was regraded as kennedys major failures
    Bay of Pigs
  2. Kennedy made a visit to ths divided German city, delivering one of his greatest speeches
  3. Kennedy described the presences of Soviet missiles here as a "clandestine, reckless, and provocative threat to world peace
  4. Kennedy's response to the cuban missile crisis
  5. American support to this nation when its northern border was invaded by China brought by the thanks of the Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
  6. Site od president kennedys assassination November 22, 1963
  7. Vice president who became president after kennedys death 
  8. The Russian leader who was forced to back down in the cuban missile crisis
  9. Leader of the nonviolent movement for equality during the 1960s his life also ended in assassination
    Martin Luther King Jr
  10. Kennedy's State
  11. President of the Ford motor co. he served as kennedys secretary of defense
  12. Kennedy program a successor to the new deal and the fair deal
    New Frontier
  13. He was narrowly defeated by Kennedy in the election of 1960
  14. A what treaty was signed between Russia britian and the us in 1963 one of kennedy major accomplishments
    Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
  15. It trained and sent abroad thousands of young men to help under developed people around the world
    Peace Corps
  16. Attroney General
    Robert Kennedy
  17. Kennedys Sec. to State
  18. Kennedy served here prior to his presidency
  19. Used in the Kennedy election in 1960 Great Debates it contributed greatly to his victory
  20. Kennedy was determined to win the race with the Russians
  21. 26 th amendment in 1971
    lowered the voting age to 18
  22. Supreme court Justice said that abortion was legal in the first trimester case in 1973
    Roe vs. Wade
  23. What is SALT
    The freezing of long range nuclear missiles for 5 years
  24. When did the draft end?
  25. Who signed back the conrtol of the panamal city canal
    Jimmy Carter
  26. What was the Iranian Hostage Crisis?
    Americans hostages were kept by muslim militants for 444 days
  27. What was the tricle down thoery
    That contributions to bussinesses such as lower taxes would allow companies to buy better equipment and hire more employees
  28. Who was the 1st supreme court justice woman appt. by Reagan?
    Sandra Day O'Conner
  29. 2nd Black Supreme Court Justice appt. by Bush
    Clarence Thomas
  30. 1st woman to run for a vice presidency on a large party ticket demo.
    Geraldine Ferraro
  31. Who overthrew Bastista in Cuba to gain control and become enemy of the US
    Fidel Castro
  32. Law that made abortion legal
    roe vs wade
  33. Alliance created by Soviet Union and its satellite nations in response to Nato
    War Saw Pact
  34. President elected during Bicentennial celebration
    Jimmy Carter
  35. Internation disaster that JFK delt with in 1961
    Bay of Pigs
  36. First Catholic President and youngest ever elected
    John F Kennedy
  37. Seeking specific objectives instead of total victory
    Limited War
  38. US Senator who carried out a witch hunt during the 1950 RedScare 
    Joseph McCarthy
  39. Leader of the non violent demostrations during the civil rights movement
    Martin Luther King Jr
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