anp lab reproduction

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  1. what are the 2 goals of reproduction
    • producing offspring
    • passing on hereditary traits
  2. what are the gonads
    • testes
    • ovaries
  3. what are the sex cells
    • ova 
    • sperm
  4. what are the male reproductive organs 
    • testes 
    • assesory ducts
    • assesory glands
    • penis
  5. what are the female reproductive organs
    • uterus
    • uterine tubes
    • ovaries
    • vagina
    • vulva
  6. the testes are located outside the body inside what structure
  7. what are the coiled tubes in the testes where sperm production occurs called
    seminiferous tubes 
  8. what is the main androgen (male sex hormone)
  9. about how many sperm are ejected during ejaculation
    300-500 million
  10. what structure stores sperm and propels it toward the penis during ejaculation
  11. what structure takes sperm from the scotum into the addominal cavity 
    vas deferens
  12. through what canal does the vas (ductus) deferens travel
    inguinal canal
  13. as the vas deferens passes behind the bladder it merges with what gland to form the ejaculatory duct
    seminal vesicle 
  14. the ejaculatory ducts pass through what gland
    prostate gland
  15. both ejaculatory ducts merge with what tube that takes both urine and sperm out of the body 
  16. the urethra recieves secretions from what three structures
    • ejaculatory ducts
    • prostate gland
    • bulbourethral glands
  17. what are the functions of the seminal vesicle secretions 
    • nourish sperm
    • energize sperm
  18. what are the functions of the prostate gland secretions 
    • motility
    • neutralize vaginal acidity
  19. what are the functions of the bulbourethral glands secretions
    • nourishment 
    • neutralize urine acidity
  20. what is the term for the sperm plus the secretions from the accessory glands 
  21. sperm makes up what percent of the secretions from the accessory gland
  22. which component of semen nourishes the sperm
  23. what needs to be neutralized by the alkaline component of semen
    urine and vaginal acidity
  24. what component of semen makes sperm motile 
  25. term for the tissue of the penis that becomes engorged with blood to produce erection
    erectile tissue 
  26. term for the tip of the penis 
  27. term for the forskin cover
  28. what does the forskin cover
  29. term for the removal of the foreskin
  30. list the structures of the female reproductive system (6)
    • ovary
    • uterine tubes
    • uterus
    • vagina
    • vulva
    • mammory glands
  31. what do the ovaries produce (2) 
    • ova
    • estrogen
  32. term for the lining of the uterus
  33. term for developing ovum (egg) 
  34. term fo rthe release of an egg from a follicle 
  35. following an ovulation, what is the collapsed follicle known as
    corpus luteum
  36. about how long is the endometrium maintained with each menstrual cycle
    10-14 days 
  37. about how long after ovulation is the endometrial lining shed in the abscense of fertilization`
    14 days 
  38. what are the tubes that an ovum enters following ovulation
    fallopian tubes
  39. what two organs is the uterus between
    • urinary bladder 
    • rectum
  40. what is the junction between the uterus and the vagina called
  41. which layer of the uterus contracts during labor
  42. what are the functions of the vagina (4) 
    • recieves sperm
    • channels menstral flow 
    • acts as birth canal
  43. term for the external genitailia of the female
  44. list the structures of the vulva (4)
    • clitoris
    • labia majora
    • labia minora
    • mons pubis
  45. term for sperm cell production
  46. term for then production of the female sex cells (ova)
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