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  1. longest time period
  2. shortest time period
  3. What goes from Gen. 1-11
  4. What is 2000 years long
  5. Which one is creation, fall, flood, Tower
  6. Which is Gen 12-50
  7. what is 300 years
  8. which one is Convenant, Growth Egypt
  9. Which one is Ex- Deuteronomy
  10. which one is 450 years long
  11. Which one is Oppression,Exodus, Law, Wilderness
  12. Which one goes from joshua- 1 Samual 8
  13. Which one is 350 years long
  14. which one is Cannon,Conquered, Judges
  15. Which one is the one with the most books and is from 1 Samual 9- 2 Chronicles
  16. which one is 450 years
  17. United+divided Kingdom
  18. which one is from Ezra- Esther
  19. which one is 600 years
  20. Which ine is Babylon. Protection, return, revival
  21. when was Abraham born
  22. when did Jacob enter Egypt
  23. when was the Exodus
  24. When does Israel enter Canaan
  25. When is the united kingdom
  26. When was the Northern Kingdom
  27. When was the return of the exiles
  28. where did Genesis start and finish and did they go to any other cities in between.
    Mesopotamia, Canaan, Egypt
  29. Where did Ex-Leviticus Start and Finish
    Egypt, Sinia
  30. Where did Numbers-Deauteronomy  Start and Finish
    (you can repeat cities) 
    Sinai Canaan, Sinai, Canaan
  31. Where did Joshua to Judges start and finish
    Canaan, Mesopotamia
  32. Where did Ezra to Ether Start to finish
    Mesopoamia, Canaan
  33. What is Augustinianism and what book is it found in
    Compleatly deprived, Genesis
  34. What is Not born deprived and what book is it found in
    Pelagianism, Genesis
  35. What is Semi-Pelagianism and what book is it found in
    Inclined to sin but not deprived Genesis
  36. what are the measurments for the flood: Depth, length,animals,size of ark, universal judgment
    depth-22.5 length of rain-40 days; animals-2,7 size of ark- 450*75*45, universal judgment-6:17
  37. What book is this from
     Abraham believed God; Basis is same- blood sacrifice (ultimately Christ) object is different-now it is cross
  38. what is leverate
    to marry dead brother’s wife Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph+10 brothers  
  39. what book is the Mosaic law-lead man to christ not to save
  40. what is substitute
  41. what feast days happened in the 1st month
    passover-unleaved bread, first fruits
  42. what feast days are in the 2nd month
  43. what feast day is the 7th month
    trumpets, day of atonement, tabernacle
  44. what book is this from
    EstablishedIsrael faith; 9 miles of dry land crossing Jordan Law Murder 2013 sacrificeswarfare capital punishment vs. unauthorized killings “thou shalt not murder=accidental killings
  45. what book was about sacrifices
  46. what is the burt offering
    fire never go out, dedication, all consumned
  47. what is the meal/grain offering
    burnt not eaten, thanksgivin no meat or flower
  48. what offering was fellowship, offer ate, it was eaten by the offerer
  49. which offering was an propitiation-satisfy God’s wrath, outside Jesus, not eaten
  50. what was the trespass offering
    -restitution, Failure to meet obligations
  51. what happens in numbers
    Refuse to enter Canaan, Judged for 40 yrs., 10 spies, Caleb + Joshua, bras Serpent, Moab Balaam, Wandering
  52. what book were they about to enter canaan
  53. what was Shema supose to do and what book is she in
    responsible to teach kids to live righteosly, Deuteronomy
  54. what book is this from
    Exterminate- warfare- nothing to do with race only religion                 Prepare for monarchy- had to be a Jew God chose no interaction w/Egypt not multiply wives not trust in goods own copy + read law not multiply horses or gold
  55. what book did they conquer and divide the land
  56. who was Rahab
    Canaanite harlot believed committed to God lied protected Gods people, effected Family- delivered blessed for all time in line of Christ
  57. who was Aachan
    -Israelite-Judah tribe, disbelieved commitment to God lied endangered Godspeople affected family- death cursed for all time in archor
  58. what book is this from
    Failure to keep shema+ Exterminate;  Transition from 1 leader to a king;   Idolatry- Micah+ Danites;   Immorality- Benjamite War
  59. what is the book of Ruth considered
    the good appendix
  60. what is the kinsman reemer
    1. Nearest Relative- God became a man; Ruth asked Boaz 2. Willing- Christ came to save he pay her debt 3. Able- Christ
  61. what is 1 samuals book summary
    From Judges to kings
  62. what book is this from
    Eli+ Samuel;   Saul+ David-good looking, humble, spirit filed, victorious (killed 10,000)
    1 Samual
  63. what is the davidic covenant and what book is it found in
    reinforces“the seed, sons kingdom + build house David’s sins+ consequences- own lustentice led to sin put to death;2 Samuel
  64. what is the census
     plaque+ temple property God’s grace man’s depravity confest and forgave
  65. what is the 4 fold human consequences
    innocentchild innocent bystander (Tamar raped), family- amnont (rapist) + Absalom(murderer), thousands in Israel die
  66. what did Solomon do
    Multiplyed horses, gold, wives
  67. what did Elijah do
    - Lord vs. LORD, challenged w/ rain and fire hid in jezabells hometown “for me”- command demanding commitment, Mt. Carmel- drenched sacrifice, man of God, God encouraged w/ a still small voice
  68. who is Rehoboam
    son of Solomon lost northern 10 tribes                
  69. who is Jeroboam
    1st Kings of Israel
  70. who is Omri
    moves Isreal capital to Samaria
  71. what book is about  Surviving kingdom-Babylonian Captivity
    2 Kings
  72. what book is about Judahs kings
    1 Chronicles
  73. what book is about Judahs kingdom till captiviy and ephasis on temple of worship and righteous kings
    2 chronicles
  74. what book did Zerubbabel return, Haggai+ Zechariah, the temple is rebuilt
  75. what book was when they were rebuilding city walls
  76. What are the sinful issues
    Sabbath keeping-God commanded, offer sacrifices, rest + remember past (creation) arrest if try to sell on Sabbath; temple support
  77. what book was Beauty contest
  78. what are the parallelisms
    • Synonymous- 2nd line repeats 1st                
    • Antithehtic- 2nd line is opposite 1st                
    • Synthetic- 2nd line expands 1st               
    • Climatic- 2nd line partially repeats + completes 1st               
    • Emblematic- 1st line has figure of speech+ subsequent lines explain it (or reverse)
  79. what is the time period for job
    patrioticalperiod (Abraham Isaac Jacob)
  80. what book is this from
    Holiness- God tells Satan 3 time’s job is blameless upright, fears god shuns evil                
    4 friends- Tell job he is mean, nasty guy but God say he wasn’t               
    Retribution Principles- God know all? Does he make mistakes?
  81. what is Wisdom 1
    2ways God and world; 2 figures, tree and chaff; 2 destinies, relationship+perish
  82. what is Messianic 2
    messiah- anointed one, people against him, he laughs then angry, God claims Christ his son, He will conquer nations
  83. what is imprecatory 137
    Calleddown evil to curse gods people (Israelites) were captured + made fun of, Godwill remember what was done to them
  84. what book is General teachings and they are not applicable in every situation
  85. what book is the   Purpose- search for meaning- meaning of life- wisdom, pleasure+ wealth
  86. what is Allergorical
    Gods love for Israel or church
  87. what is literal
    love poems of proper sexuality
  88. what is character view
    shulimite, shepherd+ Solomon; 2 character view- Solomon+ shulimite
  89. which book has principles about love and commitment
    song of solomon
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