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  1. metabolism
    The process by which cells recieve digested food and break it down to other compounds for use by the body
  2. anabolism
    • the constructive phase of metabolism
    • process by which simple substances are converted into complex substances
  3. catabolism
    • the destructive phase of metabolism
    • process by which complex substances broken down to simpler ones
  4. deglutition
    when the masticated, moistened and softened food (bolus) is swallowed
  5. epiglottis
    a thin structure of membranous cartilage, folds over the larynx, preventing food from entering the larynx and moving into the respiratory passage
  6. pyrosis
  7. peritonitis
    the inflammation of the peritoneum
  8. chyme
    the mass of digested food
  9. peristalis
    involuntary wavelike series of contracting and relaxing motions of the wall of the organs through which the digesting and digested food pass
  10. appendix
    a dead end tube that extends from the cecum
  11. ileocecal sphincter
    • sphincter of the ileum and cecum
  12. peripylephlebitis
    • inflammation of the portal around the vein
  13. pyloroduodenitis
    • inflammation of the duodenum and the pylorus
  14. enophthalmos
    eyeball within (Taber’s: recession of the eyeball into the orbit)
  15. lacrimation
    • something (someone) that is tearing (crying or eyes watering

  16. oxyopia
    • state of having acute vision
  17. vomiting of fecal material
    • copremesis
  18. An incision of the bladder through the rectum
    • rectocystotomy
  19. Excision of a portion of the cornea
    • keratectomy
  20.   retinochroroid
    • pertaining to the retina and choroid
  21. sclera
    outer layer of the eye
  22. uvea
    middle layer of the eye
  23. retina
    innermost layer of the eye
  24. cornea
    the anterior, visible, and transparent portion of the sclera
  25. herpes corneae
    herpes of the eye
  26. conjunctiva
    the transparent mucous membrane covering the sclera
  27. emmetropia
    normal focus of the eye with no refractive erros
  28. myopia
  29. hyperopia
  30. astigmatism
    results when the lens or the cornea is egg shaped rather than spherical, causing some light rays to focus behind the reina and some to focus in front of it
  31. ovaries
    produce eggs and hormones (estrogen and progesterone)
  32. follicles
    hundreds in each ovary, consist of epithelial cells surrounding the oogonium
  33. fallopian tubes
    called oviducts, extend from uterus to each ovary, fertilization occurs here
  34. zygote
    fertilized ovum, implants in uterus and develops into embryo
  35. uterus
    hollow, muscular, pear-shaped and sized organ that lies in the true pelvis between the bladder and the rectum
  36. fundus
    upper-most portion of the uterus
  37. corpus
    the central area of the uterus
  38. endocervix
    the lower most portion of the uterus, opens into the vagina
  39. ectocervix
    the portion of the cervix visible through the vagina during gynecological exams
  40. colposcopy
    a procedure used to evaluate abnormalities of the ectocervix
  41. hyperemesis gravidarum
    • excessive vomiting of a pregnant woman
  42. multigravida
    • a woman who has been pregnant multiple times
  43. tocophobia
    • fear of child labor
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