med terms test 4 part 2

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  1. gonadopathy
    Any disease of the sexual organs
  2. xerotocia
    Dry labor
  3. uroxanthin
    Yellow pigment of the urine
  4. scrotocele
    Hernia of the scrotum
  5. cryptorchidism
    state or condition of having hidden testicles
  6. pseudohematuria
    state or condition of having false blood in the urine
  7. azoospermia
    state or condition of lacking organisms in the sperm
  8. testicles
    male gonads, produce testosterone
  9. epididymis
    small structure located on the posterior surface of each testicle, spermatozoa stored here
  10. urethra
    canal that extends from the bladder to the tip of the penis, passage for urine and sperm
  11. orchidopexy
    surgery to relocate the undescended testicle into the scrotum
  12. orchitis
    inflammation of the testicles
  13. glomerulus
    within nephron, cluster of capillaries, fluid passes through here containing waste
  14. nephrolithiasis
    state of or condition of having stones in the kidney
  15. micturition
    the emptying of the bladder
  16. bilateral renal agenesis
    failure of both kidneys to form during gestation
  17. hyperkalemia
    excessive potassium in the blood
  18. rhabdomyolysis
    fatal disease in which the by-products of skeletal muscle destruction accumulate in the renal tubes
  19. diabetes mellitus
    sugar diabetes, caused by inadequate secretion of insulin
  20. polydipsia
    excessive thirst
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