Unit 2

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  1. What is an expedition?
    An expedition is trip taken for goal of exploring.
  2. What were the Eurpoeans looking for when they reached the Americas?
    They were looking for a sea route to Asia for trading.
  3. What is a colony?
    A colony is a land that is ruled by another country.
  4. Which European country explored and claimed much of what is now Canada?
    France explored and claimed Canada.
  5. Who was the first explorer sent by Spain to find a western route to Asia?
    Christopher Columbus was the first explorer.
  6. How did Spain's success in finding gold and land effect other nations?
    • Other nations sent ships west to claim lands and riches.
  7. Where did Verrazano, Cartieru, and Hudson searching in the Americas?
    They were searching for the Northwest Passage.
  8. Why did Dutch and English companies pay Henry Hudson to explore?
    They wanted to find the Northwest Passage and set up trade routes.
  9. How did the Spanish protect settlers and claims in the border lands of New Spain?
    They built presidios, or forts and the king chose leaders to govern each settlement.
  10. What was the Mayflower Compact?
    The Mayflower Compact was a list of laws the pilgrims wrote and agreed to follow in Plymouth colony.
  11. Who claimed for France all of the Mississippi Valley?
    Sieur de Lasalle claimed the Mississippi Valley.
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