BCC Final Introduction to the New Testament (Unit 8: Session 22)

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  1. Know the major foreign empires that had dominated the Jews since Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BCE. 
    Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Hasmoneans.
  2. Who had political control of Israel in the first century?
  3. Why was foreign occupation of Israel a theological crisis for the Jews?
    Greek philosophy, emperor worship, mystery religions, and magic, astrology, supernaturalism.
  4. Know the four major religious groups within Judaism in Jesus' lifetime and their basic beliefs
    • Pharisees-scholarly group of religious leaders that emphasized faithful obedience to the torah.
    • Sadducees- Wealthy aristocratic group that controlled
    • the temple and the Sanherdin. They collaborated with Romans to stay in power. Affirmed only to the Pentateuch. Zealots- jews who were radically opposed to
    • Romans and encouraged people to rise in military rebellion. Essenes- A separatist group that believed mainstream Judaism was hopelessly corrupt
  5. Which one did Jesus interact with the most and why?
    Peopleof the land.
  6. What was the most important social value in Greco-Roman society?
    Status and wealth.
  7. Know that writing was relatively rare and expensive, so people were accustomed to memorizing information. 
    Oral Culture

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BCC Final Introduction to the New Testament (Unit 8: Session 22)
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BCC Final Introduction New Testament Unit Session 22

BCC Final Introduction to the New Testament (Unit 8: Session 22)
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