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  1. When do Hep A and B vaccine begin to work
    Four weeks after the initial dose
  2. How do you give chicken pox vaccine
    two doses, 4weeks apart, SQ
  3. What Hep is a significant cause of liver cancer and cirhosis?
    Hep C
  4. International travel puts you @ risk for what hep?
    Hep A
  5. Hep D and E?
    D can accompany B and E can follow A
  6. What live vaccines can interfere with the PPD test?
    MMR and polio
  7. Where does West nile virus effect?
    The CNS system
  8. Leading cause of Gastroenteritis in humans
  9. How is norovirus transmitted
  10. Pertusis is also known as ?
    Whooping cough
  11. What is the strongest risk factor for developing TB
    Having HIV
  12. HIV is tested how?
    With Elisa then confirmed with the Western bott test
  13. Any serious or sustained mental or psychologic disorder such as mental retardation, emotinoal or mental illness or a specific learning disability
    Mental impairment
  14. Chronic or mild depression that lasts a minimum of two years?
  15. The most common of all mental disorders ?
  16. Chronic, unrealisti exaggerated worry and tension about one or more life cirmcumstances lasting 6 months or longer its is what?
  17. A dx of ADHD is made when you have 6 symptoms for 6 moths and behavior maladaption
    DC of ADHD
  18. Most serious potential outcome for mental disorders?
  19. Using learning principles to change thought patters and behaviour sytematically. ex) stress management, biofeedback and relaxation.
    Behavioral therapy
  20. refers to the process of discovery that helps alleviate troubling emotional symptoms and assists individuals in returning to a healthy life. ex) couples therapy, play therapy etc...
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