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  1. Who was elected 4 times
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  2. Who made the Peace Corp 
    John F Kennedy
  3. Who was president during WaterGate scandal
    Ricard Nixon
  4. Who was president when the Berlin wall was built
    John F Kennedy  
  5. Who was president during the Bay of Pigs
    John F Kennedy
  6. Who was president during the bicentennial
    Gerald Ford
  7. Who was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis
    John F Kennedy
  8. Who was president during law/ title 9
    Richard Nixon
  9. Who was president when the Korean War began
    Harry Truman
  10. Who was president with the war on poverty
    Lyndon B Johnson
  11. Which president pardoned previous president
    Gerald Ford
  12. Who was president when we bombed Japan
    Harry Truman
  13. Who was president during the Tonkin Gulf Resolution 
    Lyndon B Johnson
  14. Who was president when Vietnam ended
    Richard Nixon
  15. Why was Korean War called a Stallmate
    Neither side could move or win at a certain point it was just a war of attrition. The dead and wounded were continuous and it appeared the fighting could never end. Both sides had made some gains and it was just time to bring it to a halt.
  16. How did America respond to Sputnik
    America was worried that Russia could start bombing them if they wanted. The fear of Russia being the first ones in space was amplified by the Cold War, and many Americans thought that by dominating space, the Russians would be able to launch any kind of attack they felt like at any time on the U.S. from space without any opposition, because the U.S. had no satellites in space. It started the space race, which was a period of time during which the United States rushed to get satellites up into space as well, to close the rift that had emerged between Russian and American space technology.
  17. Why was this period called the cold war?
    West Berlin, like West Germany, was divided into three zones, one each for the British, French and Americans. East Berlin and East Germany were controlled by the Soviets. Problems arose because Berlin was ninety miles deep into the Soviet Sector, which became East Germany.
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