BCC Final Sermon on the Mount (Unit 9: Sessions 25 & 26)

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  1. What does “blessed” mean?
    Happy,surprised, and favored by God.
  2. Analyze the primary message of the beatitudes. Be familiar with the class presentation about the beatitudes
    • Poor in spirit:The poor were at the center of Jesus' ministry
    • Mourn: God's justice appears slow
    • Meek: Being completely God-controlled
    • Hunger and thirst for tighteousness: A deep desire for justice and compassion
    • Merciful: Shows kindness to the needy and the marinalized
    • Pure in heart: Unmixed motives
    • Peacemakers: Active reconciliation
    • Persecuted because of righteousness: Defamation of character
  3. What are the “metaphors of identification” in Matthew 5?
    • Salt: Season, preserve, purify.
    • Light: Illuminate, expose, and warn
  4. In Matthew 5.21-48 Jesus introduces 6 antitheses by using the formula “you have heard it was said… but I say to you ….” Know one way that Jesus changes what they had heard.
    • Do not kill: Don't be angry
    • Don't commit adultry: No lustful looks
    • ETC
  5. Know that in Matt 5:38-42, Jesus is proposing a
    third way (in each case) between refusing to respond to evil at all and responding violently: this third way means offering a different kind of response than expected which challenges the basis of the evildoer’s actions
    • Slap on th eright cheek: Be treated as an equal
    • Sue for tunic: Shame the oppressor
    • Forced to go one mile: Use law assertivley
    • Someone begs from you: Gernerous giving
  6. Note that Jesus warns about the danger of doing
    the right things for the wrong reasons in his discussion of alms, prayer, and fasting—the three acts of righteousness in Matthew 6:1-18.
    • Fasting: Dress up! Look joyful!
    • Prayer: In secret room
    • Alms: Secretly
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BCC Final Sermon on the Mount (Unit 9: Sessions 25 & 26)

BCC Final Sermon on the Mount (Unit 9: Sessions 25 & 26)
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