Kings Colleges Words 8

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  1. pounds
  2. stranger
    person who is unfamiliar, person who is not known, newcomer

  3. fiancee
    woman engaged to be married, person to whom one is engaged

    nişanlı, nişanlı (kız)
  4. aeronautical
    in the air, occuring in the air

    havacılık, havacılık ile ilgili
  5. donate
    to contribute or give / give away / bağışlamak, bağışta bulunmak
  6. donation
    charity, contribution, grant / bağış, bağışlama
  7. kidney
    one of a pair of organs that filter waste from the blood and secrete urine

  8. bone marrow
    a soft substance that fills the bones of people and animals

    kemik iliği, ilik
  9. bone
    piece of animate skeleton / kemik
  10. deserve
    hak etmek, layık olmak / to be worthy 
  11. abusive
    ağzı bozuk, kötü davranan 

    exhibiting unkind behaviour or words
  12. jellyfish
  13. being
  14. beaten
    dövülmüş, dövme
  15. credential
    a document which show that a person is qualified to do a particular job

  16. check out
    • 1-to leave a hotel, hospital etc. / ayrılmak, çıkış yapmak
    • 2-the place or area where goods are paid for in a store (such as supermarket ) / hesaplama, hesap kapama
  17. calm
    • 1-not excited / sakin
    • 2-not windy / durgun

    synonym: peaceful, quiet
  18. worthy
    • deserving, having merit or value / honorable, respectable
    • saygın kişi, önemli kimse, saygıdeğer, layık, değer
  19. greeting
    a message that expresses good wishes to someone / tebrik, kutlama
  20. harass
    • to disturb persistantly
    • to annoy or bother (someone) in a constant or repeated way

    rahatsız etmek, taciz etmek
  21. self employed
    • kendi işinde çalışan, serbest meslek
    • independent
    • earning income from your own business or profession rather than by working for someone else
  22. blood type
    class of human blood / kan grubu
  23. rare
    • nadir, seyrek
    • not common or usual : not often done, seen, or happening
    • uncommon
  24. rare blood type
    nadir kan grubu
  25. weed
    • ayıklama, ot ayıklama
    • to remove weeds from (an area of land, such as a garden)
  26. worsen
    • kötüleşmek, daha kötü olmak, kötüye gitmek
    • to make or become worse
  27. track down
    izliyerek bulmak, -in izlerini takip etmek, izini aramak
  28. demand
    • talepte bulunmak, talep etmek
    • to claim as a right
    • a strong need for something
  29. interlude
    • 1-a brief romantic or sexual meeting relationship
    • 2-a period of time between event or activites
  30. vital
    • gerekli, zorunlu, başlıca
    • of or necessary to life
    • essential
  31. bathtub
    • küvet
    • a large and long container in which people take baths or showers
  32. preserve
    • korumak, muhafaza etmek
    • to keep (something) in its original state or in good condition
    • to keep alive or safe
  33. suicide
    • intihar, intihar etmek
    • the act of killing yourself because you do not want to continue living
  34. pull
    çekmek / drawing something with force
  35. pulling 
  36. executor
    • vasiyet hükümlerini yerine getiren kimse
    • someone who is named in a will as the person who will make sure that the instructions in the will are properly followed
  37. afterward
    • sonra, sonradan
    • at a later time : after something has happened
  38. fill
  39. queitness
    sakinlik, sessizlik, sukunet
  40. composure
    sakinlik, huzur
  41. honorable
  42. respectable
    saygıdeğer, saygın, saygılı
  43. undesirable
  44. desirable
    beğenilen, istenen
  45. cheat
    aldatmak, kopya çekmek, hile
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