Micro Test 3: Intestinal Protozoa

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  1. 3 Intestinal Amebae
    • Entamoeba
    • Endolimax nana
    • Iodamoeba butschlii
  2. Pathogenesis of Amebiasis
    • Trophozoites attach to mucosal epithelial cells (MEC)
    • Lyse MEC
    • Ulcerate and invade mucosa
    • Cause dysentery (diarrhea + blood)
    • Metastasize via blood &/or lymph to form abscesses in extraintestinal sites
  3. Symptomatic Infections of Amebiasis:  Intestinal amebiasis (colon and rectum) presentations
    • Acute Dysenteric (Dysentery)
    • Chronic Non-Dysenteric ("self-cured")
  4. Symptomatic Infections of Amebiasis:  Extra-Intestinal amebiasis (colon and rectum) presentations
    • Amebic Liver Abscess (ALA)
    • Amebic Pulmonary Abscess
  5. Symptoms of Acute Dysenteric Amebiasis
    • Bloody mucoid diarrhea (RBCs and few WBCs in stool)
    • Stools positive for trophozoites (NO cysts in loose stools)
  6. Amebic dysentery
    Classic-flaskshaped ulcer is myth.  Ulcerations with overlying pseudomembrane is more accurate
  7. History of dysentery (1 yr), wt loss, RUQ abdominal pain, rt. chest or shoulder pain
    Extra-Intestinal Amebiasis, Amebic Liver Abscess (ALA)
  8. Tx of Amebiasis
  9. Name a flagellate and a ciliate
    Giardia, Balantidium (ciliate)
  10. Giardia lamblia (G. intestinalis): Trophozoite has

    How does it move?
    2 nuclei, 9 flagella.

    Locomotion is falling leaf-like
  11. Infective form of Giardia lamblia (G. intesinalis)?  How does this differ from the trophozoite form?
    Cyst, twice the "stuff" of trophzoites (4 nuclei, 16 flagella)
  12. Most common intestinal parasitic disease in humans in US
  13. Day Care Diarrhea is caused by?
    Who is at risk
    • Giardiasis
    • Diaper changers and siblings
  14. Tx of Giardiasis
    • Tindazole
    • Metronidazole
    • Nitazoxanide
  15. Totally ciliated giant
    Balantidium coli
  16. Cyst with kidney bean shaped macronucleus and thick resisitant wall with cilia inside?
  17. Common in south american hog/ guinea pig farmers
  18. Diagnosis of Balantidiasis?
    • Ova and parasite exam of stool specimen
    • Tetracycline
  19. Coccidia:  Phylum, Class, Subclass
    • Phylum Apicomplexa
    • Class Sporozoea
    • Subclass Coccidia
  20. How many sporozoites does a Cryptosporidium parfum's infective oocysts have as it passes in the feces?
    4 to 8- sporozoites
  21. Cryptosporidium parvum development:
    Asexual -->?
    Sexual -->?
    • Asexual--> Merozoite
    • Sexual --> Zygote
  22. Acute diarrhea
    Tourist diarrhea
    Profuse diarrhea

    Caused by?
    • Caused by Intestinal Cryptosporidiosis
    • Tx is Nitazoxanide
  23. Unsporoulated oocysts of _____ pass in human feces (2-4 um larger that Cryprosporidium- 8 to 10 um)
    Cyclospora cayetanesis
  24. Cyclospora cayetanensis and Cryptosporidium parfum stain with
    Acid Fast Stain
  25. Oocysts of Cyclospora are NOT fully developed and don't contain any sporocysts when passed through stool.
  26. Endemic diarrhea of little Peruvian children
  27. Treatment for Peruvian children (Cyclospora cayetensis)
  28. May cause life-threatening diarrheal illness in persons with AIDS.  Treat prophylactically with?
    • Isospora belli
    • TMP-SMX
  29. Large football oocysts with sporoblasts.  Infective oocysts contain __ sporocysts.
    • Isospora belli
    • 2

    Asexual and sexual development in MEC
  30. Presents with abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, and eosinophilia!!!! (Exam question!!!)
  31. Tx of Isosporosis
  32. Blastocystis hominis is not a protozoan.  It's ____
    algae (due to rRNA gene analysis)
  33. Blastocystosis diagnosis?
    • Ova & parasite exam of stool specimin
    • Metronidazole, iodoquinol, or nitazoxanide
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