Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko

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  1. Yuri Andropov spent 15 years as head of what before becoming president
    Chairman of the State Comittee for State Security (KGB)
  2. For what was he awarded Chairmanship of the KGB
    Suppression of the Hungarian Revolution
  3. Andropov's maintenance of order, rules and taking orders in repression of political and social dissent show what
    Bereaucratic lack of leadership 
  4. Andropov was known for what?
     His lack of corruption; he aknowledged things had taken a turn fo rhte worse
  5. As social unrest and strikes spread, Andropov's reaction was too
    Repress movements, use of propaganda and making public examples
  6. What is evidence of Andropov's political belligerence
    Downing of a Korean passanger jet in Soviet air space and refusal to renegotiate nuclear disarmament
  7. Ronald Reagan labeled the U.S.S.R as 
    the evil empire
  8. How did Andropov die
    Complications with renal failure only 15 months after taking office
  9. Konstantin Chernenko would take over as what position before leader
    General Secretary of the Communist Party and later Chairman of the Presidium
  10. What flaw did Chernenko have entering office
    He was ill-health
  11. What efforts did Chernenko make
    To strengthen the role of the proletariat and reallocate funds from military to consumer goods. Foreign policy stayed ignant
  12. Rapid turnover of leaders and their lack of variation shows what about the party
    Instability and lack of vision
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