The Gorbachev Era

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  1. Gorbachev was born to what family
    peasant stock family of farmers in the caucasus region
  2. Where did he learn his degree? In what did he earn his degree?
    From Moscow University he earned his Law degree
  3. Gorbachev was the youngest member to join the Politburo and the first leader to be born under what
    The first Soviet Leader to be born under the Communist Party
  4. Why was Gorbachev poised to introduce sweeping new reforms to salvage socialism
    He wasn't around to witness the destruction of the imperial order
  5. What was Perestroika
    Restructuring, to restructure economic and political systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  6. The first case for restructuring the economic system was...
    Law on State Enterprise: limiting power of Gosplan to control state planning, allowing decentralized mech, such as supply and demand
  7. What was the second case for restructuring the economy
    Law on Cooperatives: allowing private ownership in sectors of the economy such as light manufacturing, consumer service and foreign trade
  8. What was the third case for restructuring the economy
    Allowing direct foreign investment in and ownership of business and property in the Soviet Union for the first time
  9. What impact did Perestroika have politically
    Decentralized decision making pwoer of the General Secretary and Politburo to federal ministries to suit regions
  10. What was Glasnot
    Openess, Gorbachev believed communist attempt to control media had become insular, secretive and detached from population. Glasnot allowed people to openly criticize 
  11. What did Gorbachev hope he would see from Glasnot
    It would show corruption, leading to reduction
  12. What was Demokratizatsiya
    Hoped (re)introduction of democratic features would make a degree of political competition and result in meaningful change. Allowing multi-candidate elections at the local, regional, and national levels
  13. What was the most important, unintended reslut of Gorbachev's reforms
    Erosion of authority of the Communist Party
  14. Based off Article Six proofing the Communist Parties power, Gorbachev's reforms in hindsight can be viewed as
  15. What was the outcome of Pestroika
    Weakening of the Gosplan hurt the state monopoly. Reduced produciton rates lead to an inability to get tax revenue and the value of the ruble began to fluctuate
  16. What was the effect of Glasnot
    Guidelines of what was ok under glanot lead to some taking extreme advantage as cases for independence popped up. 
  17. What was the result of Demokratizatsiya
    Could be controlled most by the party is allowed multiple candidates in teh party increasing the demand for multi party elections
  18. Gorbachev saw the withdraw of Soviet forces form what war
    War with Afghanistan
  19. Gorbachev declared which doctrine to no longer be in effect 
    The Brezhnev Doctrine
  20. What was teh Sinatra Doctrine
    Coined after the line "I did it my way" allows ECE communist states to find reform however they pleased 
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