BCC Final Revelation (Unit 12: Sessions 38 & 39)

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  1. Define apocalypse
    A genre of literature with a narrative framework in which a revelation is given to a human recipient through an other-worldly being; symbols include numbers, colors, beasts
  2. Define parousia
    "Coming"; second coming of Jesus Christ at the end of the age
  3. Define eschatology.
    Study of last things, end of the cosmos, life after death
  4. Know the primary purpose of Revelation
    The prmary purpose of Revelation is to give Pastoral comfort and to encourage the church to see the future optimistically because...12-1
  5. The four main approaches to interpreting Revelation: Preterist, Historicist, Idealist, and Futurist. Understand their basic strengths
    and weaknesses.
    • Preterist
    • Historicist
    • Idealist
    • Futurist
    • Check 12-3
  6. Three views of the millennium:
    • -Postmillennial: Jesus returns after 1000 years of peace.
    • -Premillennial: Jesus returns before the 1000 years of peace
    • Version 1: Pre-Tribulation Rapture—the church is removed before the time of intense tribulation
    • Version 2: Mid-Tribulation Rapture—the church is removed in the middle of the time of intense                                                        tribulation
    • Version 3: Post-Tribulation Rapture—the church is
    • removed after the time of intense tribulation
    • 3. Amillennial (no literal millennium): the Bible’s reference to 1000 years is not literal but a symbol    of Jesus ruling after he returns 
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BCC Final Revelation (Unit 12: Sessions 38 & 39)
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