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  1. How did his friends, even in the handful, view Mussorgsky
    half competent, possibly mentally instable
  2. Mossorgky took the pains of avoiding what type of opera
    Italian Opera
  3. Who wrote "The Stone Guest"
    Alexander Dargomyzhsky
  4. The Stone Guest was a tragedy written by who? It featured the same plot as what
    Written by Pushin and shared a plot with Don Giovanni
  5. In the argument of words or music being more important in opera, Dargomyzhsky's view was
    The side of words; he saw music as a part of spoken drama rather than it's own thing
  6. Who wrote the passage, "The Marriage"? What was it about
    Nikolai Gogol, about an indecisive and fearful bachelor who failed to show up to his own wedding
  7. How did Mussorgsky try to notate the play
    By reading them out as an actor would, not singer. He wanted to capture the characters more realistically
  8. Why were familiar progressions not used in "The Marriage"
    Harmony had to remain subordinate to the twisted vocal lines
  9. Why did Mussorgsky not finish "The Marriage"? Why was it challenging to vocalist
    He did not finish it because it was to long after the first act. The vocal lines were tortuous and listeners would have not recognized the singing. 
  10. Who was Mussorgsky sharing and apartment with at the time of writing "Boris Godunov"
  11. While Mussorgsky worked as a civil servant, Rimsky-Korsakov was able to use the piano for what piece?
    The Maid of Pskov
  12. Boris Godunov has what in common with Glinka's "A Life of the Tsar"
    The same historical time period around the "time of troubles"
  13. What does Mussorgsky's "Boris Godunov" assume
    Assumes an adult audiance, capable of making critical judgements. Like the original Pushkin piece which was banned for many years
  14. What serious questions does the opera pose
    Godunov's legitimacy, crime, guilt, and russian peoples suffering
  15. Of the two operas versions which were made, what is the first one like
    Closer to Pushkins text and operatic realism; music and action are continuous rather than divided
  16. What is the dominant mood of the first version of Boris Godunov
    dark and austere, come comedy in the Inn scene
  17. Why did Mussorgsky insert a Polish Act
    Adding brighter color, providing pretext for a prima donna, Marina Miniszck
  18. Which ways does Mussorgsky incorporate nationalism
    folk songs and folk-like materials, employs the sounds of Orthodox Church bells
  19. How are the bells represented
    In the Coronation Scene with the orchestra; allternating between two chords sharing the same tritone (bells resist tuning)
  20. Who changed the opera? What percent was altered
    Rimsky-Korsakov changed 80%
  21. How does Boris Godunov start
    Boris praying
  22. What does the ringing of the bell symbolize
    The start of the funeral rights
  23. What does Boris shout as he is dying
    Wait, I am still the Tsar
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