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  1. stencil
    a perforated template that allows ink or paint to pass through and create an image
  2. visionary
    art that is made by self taught artists following a personal vision.
  3. tableau
    a stationary scene arranged for artistic impact.
  4. photomontage
    a single photograph that combines several separate images.
  5. surrealism
    an artistic movement that was inspired by dreams and the subconscious
  6. expressionism
    an artistic style which emphasized feelings and personal experiences
  7. naturalistic
    a very realistic or lifelike style of making images
  8. conceptualart
    a work in which the ideas are often as important as how it is made
  9. nonobjective
    art that does not depict a recognizable subject
  10. pointillism
    paint style that uses short brush strokes or point to create imagery
  11. monumentality
    massive or impressive scale
  12. cubism
    a 20th century movement that favored the emphasis of geometric forms
  13. collage
    a work of art assembled by gluing material onto a surface.
  14. popart
    artistic movement inspired by commercial art forms and popular culture
  15. stupa
    a burial mound containing Budda's remains
  16. figurative
    art that portrays items perceived in the visible world
  17. terracotta
    iron-rich clay that is fired at a low temperature
  18. stela
    upright stone slab decorated with inscriptions or carvings
  19. calligraphy
    carefully descriptive hand lettering or handwriting
  20. pictograph
    picture used as a symbol in writing
  21. stylized
    art that represents objects in an exaggerated way
  22. pueblos
    dwellings of the Anasazi and Plain peoples
  23. motif
    a distinctive visual element
  24. tattoos
    signs marked on the body by injecting dye under the skin
  25. mandala
    a sacred diagram of the universe
  26. necropolis
    a cemetery or burial place
  27. hieroglyph
    written language involving sacred characters as pictures or letters
  28. minaret
    a tall slender tower, usually on a mosque
  29. stepped
    pyramid consisting of several retangular stuctures placed on top of each other
  30. pediment
    triangular space situated above a row of columns or at the end of building
  31. symbolism
    european movement that used powerful, yet ambiguous symbols
  32. abstract
    imagery that departs from recognizable images from the natural world
  33. classical
    artworks from ancient Greece and Rome
  34. illusionistic
    something made to look real by artistic skill or trickery
  35. realism
    artistic movement that aimed to depict subjects in a un-idealized  manner
  36. oculus
    a round opening at the center or a dome
  37. renaissance
    a period of cultural and artistic rebirth in Europe
  38. impressionism
    artistic style conveying the impression of the effects of light
  39. romanticism
    European art movement concerned with the power of the imagination
  40. sublime
    feeling of awe or terror provoked by the awareness of an individual's insignificance
  41. patron
    organization or individual who sponsors the creation of works of art
  42. narrative
    an artwork that tells a story 
  43. baroque
    artistic style characterized by extravagance and emotional intensity
  44. Image Upload
    • Laocoon; Ancient Greek
    • Hellenist style
  45. Image Upload
    Pantheon; Ancient Rome
  46. Image Upload
    Chartres cathedral, France Gothic
  47. Image Upload
    Bernini; Ecstacy of St. Teresa Baroque
  48. Image Upload
    Jan Van Eyck; Portrait of Giovanni Renaissance
  49. Image Upload
    • Umberto Boccioni
    • Unique forms of Continuity in Space
    • Futurism
  50. Image Upload
    Edvard Munch; the scream Expressionism
  51. Image Upload
    Jackson Pollock; Mural Abstract Expressionism
  52. Image Upload
    Georges Seurat; Sunday la Grande Jatte Impressionism
  53. Image Upload
    Rafael; School of Athens Renaissance
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