Misc. Spanish Vocab.

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  1. aprender
    to learn
  2. comprender
    to understand
  3. creer
    to believe
  4. deber
    to must
  5. comer
    to eat
  6. beber
    to drink
  7. ver
    to see
  8. correr
    to run
  9. toser
    to cough
  10. vender
    to sell
  11. vivir
    to live
  12. abrir
    to open
  13. recibir
    to receive
  14. escribir
    to write
  15. aplaudir
    to applaud
  16. aburrir
    to bore
  17. subir
    to go up
  18. decider
    to decide
  19. dar
    to give
  20. ir
    to go
  21. estar
    to be
  22. ser
    to be
  23. tener
    to have
  24. salir
    to go out, leave
  25. hacer
    to do, make
  26. tener (#) años
    to have (#) years (to be [#] years old)
  27.  tener hambre
    to have hunger (to be hungry)
  28. tener sed
    to have thirst (to be thirsty)
  29. tener sueño
    to have sleepiness (to be sleepy)
  30. tener calor
    to have heat (to be hot)
  31. tener frío
    to have cold (to be cold)
  32. tener dolor de (body part
    to have pain in...
  33. tener razón
    to be right
  34. tener miedo de (+ infinitive)
    to be afraid of
  35. tener miedo de (+ noun)
    to be afraid of
  36. tener suerte
    to have luck (to be lucky)
  37. tener éxito
    to have success (to be successful)
  38. tener cuidado
     to have caution (to be careful)
  39. tener que (+ infinitive)
    to have to
  40. dar a
    to face
  41. dar de comer
    to feed
  42. dar la hora
    to strike the hour
  43. dar la mano
    to shake hands
  44. dar las gracias
    to thank/give thanks
  45. dar un paseo
    to take a walk
  46. dar los buuenos días
    to say good morning
  47. ir de compras
    to go shopping
  48. ir a (+ infinitive)
    to be going to (do something)
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