Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade

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  1. What is Sheherzade
    A symphonic suit in four movements based on teh Persian tales of the Thousand and One Nights
  2. What did Rimsky-Korsakov remove because he thought they were becoming an obstacle
    programmatic titles to each movement
  3. How does the first movement enter
    Musical portraits of the king (unison theme in lower register) and Sheherzade herself
  4. What is the portrayal of Sheherzade and example of
    Oriental music: represnted by a solo violin, weaving an arabesque line in triplets free in tempo
  5. What does the new shift in music represent
    The begining of the story, the sea since the sotry is of Sinbad and his ship
  6. Why did Rimsky-Korsakov have a great love for the sea
    He was a former naval officer
  7. The music rises and falls like _____
    waves (slow harmony over long pedal notes)
  8. Germanic music moved strongly towards ______, Russian music was _______
    Candences...... Aimless (especially when representing oriental themes
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