pharmacology terms

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  1. ampule
    a small slender glass container with a narrow neck the ampule contains certain liquid drugs for injection or i.v use only the ampule is broken open by placing an alcohol swab around the neck and briskly snapping both ends
  2. analgesic
    a drug that supresses pain without producing sedation
  3. anesthetic (general)
    a drug that eliminates pain and  voluntary muscle control by inducing unconiousness
  4. anesthetic (local)
    a drug that eliminates perception in a limited area by local action on sensory nerves
  5. antibiotic
    a drug used to cure infection by killing pathogenic bacteria
  6. antidepressant
    a psychotheraputic drug that provides mood elevation
  7. anti-emetic
    a drug that prevents and relieves vomiting
  8. anti-fungal
    a drug used to treat fungal infections
  9. anti-histermine
    a drug used to reduce inflammation due to increase in histermine during an alergic reaction
  10. anti-inflam
    a drug used to decrease symptoms of inflam by inhibiting the release of prostaglandins
  11. antipruitic
    a drug that prevents and relieves itching
  12. corticosteroid
    a drug used to decrease severe inflammation or itching by suppressing the response to the immune system
  13. diluent
    an agent such as sterile saline or water used to revonstitute the powered of a drug to prepare it for injection
  14. diuretic
    a drug used to treat edema and hypertension by causing the kidneys to excrete more sodium and water
  15. drug tolerance
    a decreased susceptibility to the effects of a drug do to continued use
  16. D.S
    double strength
  17. insulen syringe
    a special syringe for measuring insulen, it is calibrated in international units (UI) not in mm like other syringes
  18. loading dose
    if a theraputic effect of a drug is desired immediately to treat a medical crisis a large dose may be amin at once the loading dose is usually twice the maintanance dose
  19. needle
    the lower the guage the longer the length
  20. placebo
    a placebo in itself exerts no pharmacutical affect, usually sugar pills
  21. titrate
    determin the smallest dosage that will produce the deisred therapeutic effect
  22. vasodilator
    a drug that relaxes the smooth muscle of blood vessels to improve blood flow
  23. OU
    Both eyes
  24. OD
    right eye
  25. OS
    left eye
  26. AU
    both ears
  27. AD
    right ear
  28. AS
    left ear
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