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  1. Sung without instrumental accompaniment of any kind
    A Cappella
  2. The science of sound: how it is produced, transmitted, and received
  3. Music composed using elements of chance
    Aleatory Music
  4. A song set to serious poetry, usually for solo voice and piano, in the tradition of the German Lied
    Art Song
  5. A style of writing that establishes no harmonic or melodic center of gravity; without a tonic, all notes are of equal weight and significance
  6. New jazz style of the late 1940s/early 1950s that developed in response to the popularity of big band music. Bebop is characterized by fast tempos, short bursts of melodic phrases, heavy and unexpected rhythmic accents, and virtuosic soloing
  7. A style of jazz popular in the 1930s and 1940s in which instruments were grouped into sections by function, with carefully constructed arrangements. Many of these arrangements featured call-and-response between the sections, often based on repeated, short melodic riffs
    Big Band Music
  8. A musical genre derived from African American performance traditions that uses blue notes (flattened pitches) in its melodies and tells first-person stories of hard knocks and love gone wrong
  9. A technique in which one musician or group sings or plays an opening motive, and another musician or group sings or plays an answer
  10. A type of vocal genre typically sung during a service of worship. In Italian: "that which is sung," as opposed to sonata, "that which is played."
  11. Instrumental music for a small ensemble, with only one player to each part
    Chamber Music
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