Chapter 10 ops

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  1. bullwhip effect
    The increasing variability of demand as one moves upstream in a supply chain.
  2. collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR)  
    An approach to demand planning in supply chains in which partners negotiate and agree on a plan for meeting demand.
  3. perfect order  
    An order that arrives on time as promised, is of the correct quantity, is not damaged, and also includes all of the agreed-upon services
  4. retailer-supplier partnerships (RSPs)  
    A retailer/supplier alliance that changes the way inventory is delivered and the way it changes hands.
  5. risk pooling
    Inventory held in one warehouse to service a large number of retailers requires less inventory than if held at the individual retailers.
  6. supply-chain network optimization
    Optimization of decisions across the entire geographical network of the supply chain.
  7. third party logistics provider (3PL)  
    A provider of logistics services such as warehousing or transportation and logistics.
  8. vendor managed inventory (VMI)
    • A retailer-supplier partnership in which the supplier manages the inventory in the retail store and in some cases maintains ownership of the inventory until it is purchased by the consumer.
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