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  1. allowance
    When constructing a time standard using a stopwatch time study or predetermined motion times, the addition of time to the standard for personal, restroom, and other time.
  2. contingent workers  
    Temporary workers employed by an agency and contracted to work for another firm.
  3. continuous improvement
    A process of always seeking ways to improve existing processes and tasks.
  4. cross-training
    Training employees to do a variety of jobs.
  5. innovation
    A dramatic change from a new idea.
  6. learning curve  
    A curve that shows the reduction in the time it takes to complete a task as the number of times it has been completed increases.
  7. learning rate  
    The amount of improvement obtained as a task is repeated.
  8. normal time  
    In a time study, this is the observed time after adjustment by the performance rating.
  9. observed time  
    When performing a time study, this is the average of the times of observations.
  10. performance rating  
    When performing time studies, this is an adjustment made to take into account whether the observed worker was faster or slower than normal.
  11. predetermined motion time  
    The time required to complete small aspects of tasks collected from a large number of observations and stored in a database so that future time standards can be created without needing a stopwatch time study.
  12. service–profit chain  
    A framework used to link employee satisfaction to profitability.
  13. standard time  
    The result of a stopwatch time study after an adjustment by the performance rating and after allowances have been made.
  14. stopwatch time study  
    The process of developing a time standard by actually observing and timing workers.
  15. time standard
    The expected time for a worker to complete a task.
  16. work sampling
    • A process of recording what a worker is doing to determine how employee time is spent.
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