Sergei Rachmaninoff + Russian Music Abroad

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  1. Rachmaninoff is remembered as what 
    A composer, virtuoso pianist and conductor
  2. What was he best known for
    His 5 piano concertos: most notably Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
  3. How does Rachmaninoff's second paino concerto begin
    A piano solo
  4. What texture of Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto is compared to bells in Russian music 
    series of chords followed by the same base note, each chord going up to the next tension
  5. What is the melody of Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto 
    Mostly stepwise, doubling back on itself
  6. What are the characteristics of Rachmaninoff's melodies
    They stem from singing and are often compared to chant melodies
  7. How does the melody of Rachmaninoff''s second piano concerto change when the piano takes over
    It becomes more lyrical and plaintive, reminiscent of Tchaikovsky
  8. Who became the most popular artist outside of Russia
  9. Who conducted a version of Onegin 
    Gustav Mahler in Hamburg Germany
  10. What western region took on the music of the Handful
  11. What was the triumph of the Might Handful in France
    Sergei Diaghilev organized concerts in Paris as part of his Saisons Russes (Russian Seasons) 
  12. What did French critics think of Tchaikovsky
    He was more German (plenty of German music already) and they wanted something different (Handful)
  13. Which Handful pieces did Diaghilev bring to France
    Prince Igor, Scheherzade, The Golden Cockerel
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