Cog Psych T4

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  1. What is language?
    Language is a system of communication using sounds or symbols that allow one to express feelings, thoughts, or experiences
  2. What are Psycholinguistics?
    Psychological study of language to discover the processes by which humans acquire and process language
  3. Four goals of psycholinguistics
    • 1. Comprehension
    • 2. Acquisition
    • 3. Production
    • 4. Representation
  4. Define: Phones
    Speech sounds in linguistics are called phones
  5. Define: Phonemes
    • Consists of a phone or group of phones. If you change the phoneme you change the word.
    • Phones in a phoneme can be swapped without changing the meaning of a word. CK vs K or Cat vs Kat
  6. Define: Morphemes
    • Smallest unit of language that has meaning.
    • Free morphemes: Truck (1) Bedroom (2)
    • Bound morphemes: un in unheard (2)
  7. Define: Phonetic Restoration Effect
    The brain is able to fill in the blanks in phonemes when other sounds is present, which allows speech in loud areas to be understood.
  8. Define: Lexical Ambiguity
    Words sometimes have more than one meaning, but context cleans up ambiguity
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