Accounting - Chapter 19

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  1. a ledger containing all cost sheets for products in the process of being manufactured
    cost ledger
  2. salaries of factory workers who make a product
    direct labor
  3. a ledger containing all records of materials
    materials ledger
  4. manufactured products that are fully completed
    finished products
  5. the estimated amount of factory overhead recorded on cost sheets
    applied overhead
  6. salaries paid to factory workers who are not actually making products
    indirect labor
  7. materials that are of significant value in the cost of and that become an identifiable part of a finished product
    direct materials
  8. products that are being manufactured but are not yet complete
    work in process
  9. all expenses other than direct materials and direct labor that apply to the making of the products
    factory overhead
  10. a ledger containing records of all finished goods on hand
    finished goods ledger
  11. materials used in the completion of a product but that are of insignificant value to justify accounting seperately
    indirect materials
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