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  1. Which countries were involved in the Cold War?
    U.S. and USSR
  2. What were the issues of disagreement at the Potsdam Conference?
    Whether to allow elections in Poland, The fate of Germany
  3. Who made the Iron Curtain speech?
    Winston Churchhill
  4. what did the iron curtain speech declare?
    that the Soviet Union has taken over eastern Europe
  5. What warning did the Iron Curtain Speech declare to the US and Great Britain?
    that they needed to take action to prevent the Soviets from taking over the rest of Europe
  6. Who was the U.S. diplomat in Moscow who sent a telegram agreeing with Churchhill and called for a a policy of "containment"of the Soviet sphere of influence?
    George Kennan
  7. What did Truman do in relation to Greece and Turkey?
    tried to coax the Soviets to remove troops from Greece, Turkey, and Iran, gave financial aid to enable those governments to fight against Communist insurgencies
  8. What was the Marshall Plan also known as?
    the European Recovery Plan
  9. What was the Marshall Plan?
    US financial aid to European nations to promote economic recovery and thus stabilize democratic governments to the nations in Western Europe
  10. What were the causes for the Marshall Plan?
    Western Europe was suffering from disease and poverty,communists were making political gains in west europe
  11. Who blockaded West Berlin in 1946?
    Joseph Stalin
  12. How did Truman respond to the Berlin blockade and airlift?
    he sent in transport planes with supplies; he also sent 2 squadrons of B-29 bombers to Berlin. Stalin then lifted the blockade 
  13. What was the mutual defense agreement between the U.S. and its allies?
    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
  14. What was the Soviet/eastern European counterpart to NATO?
    Warsaw Pact
  15. Who appointed a committee for civil rights in 1946?
  16. What did the committee's civil rights report (To Secure these Rights) recommend: 3
    • 1.) restoration of black voting rights in the south
    • 2.) federal prosecution of lynching
    • 3.) desegregation of the armed forces
  17. What did executive order 9981 do?
    abolished segregation in the armed forces
  18. Who were the candidates in the election of 1946?
    Democrat (Truman), republican (Dewey), States rights democrat (Thurmond)
  19. who won the election of 1946?
  20. What was Truman's Fair Deal?
    an expansion of the Social Security Program and raised the minimum wage, created the Housing Act of 1949
  21. What Fair Deal initiatives failed?
    National Health Care Plan,  Civil Rights Legislation
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