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  1. What did McCarthy do?
    Accused people of being communist
  2. what was the first credit card?
    Diner's club
  3. who won the elections of 1952 and 56?
    Eisenhower (Nixon as VP)
  4. What was SPUTNIK?
    the first satellite to orbit the world. sent by USSR
  5. What were the effects of the U2 incident?
    resulted in Soviet capture of American pilot Powers, ruined Paris Peace Summit between Eisenhower and Kruschev 
  6. Who were the candidates in the Election of 1960?
    Kennedy and Nixon
  7. What did Kennedy do once in office?
    extended old New Deal/Fair Deal programs, more money for federal education, federal medical care program for elderly, pledged to send American astronaut to moon
  8. Who created the Peace Corps?
  9. what was the mission of the peace corps?
    sent young volunteers to under developed countries to promote literacy, public health, and agriculture and intill democratic values
  10. What was the Bay of Pigs?
    a CIA plan to send Cuban exiles back into Cuba in a military invasion to spur a revolution against Castro, it failed miserably
  11. What was Operation Mongoose?
    CIA attempt to assassinate Castro
  12. What was the Berlin Wall?
    a wall/barrier created around east Berlin to prevent the people from fleeing to W. Berlin, USA pledged to defend W. Berlin
  13. Describe the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis
    U-2 spy planes revealed pics of nuclear launch sites in Cuba,  Kennedy blockaded Cuba, Kruschev offered to dismantle launch sites if US would remove American missiles in Turkey
  14. What did the Taft Hartley Act do?
    weakened labor unions
  15. What was Operation Dixie?
    a CIO campaign to build labor unions in the South
  16. What organization did the Montgomery bus boycott give rise to?
    the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
  17. What were the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do?
    banned racial and gender discrimination in housing, job hiring, and public accomodations
  18. What was the Mississippi Freedom Summer?
    campaign to register voters, 3 people were killed by klansmen, spurred LBJs proposal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
  19. Describe the background of the Vietnam War
    France once controlled Vietnam but then Japan took over, France wanted to regain control but faced resistance from Vietnamese nationalists (Vietmihn) and Ho Chi Minh
  20. Describe the French War in Vietnam
    GB provided ships, US provided financial aid to France, Vietminh defeated France at Dien Bien Phu, ending French occupation
  21. Who led North and South Vietnam?
    • North- communist Ho Chi Minh
    • South- anti communist Diem
  22. What was Viet Cong?
    Ho Chi Minhs supporters in the South
  23. What was the Gulf of Tonkin resolution?
    after alleged attacks by North Vietnam on 2 US destroyers, LBJ waged war in Vietnam without Congress permission, then led to the War Powers Act
  24. Who were the candidates in the election of 1964?
    LBJ, Goldwater
  25. What was LBJs Great Society?
    focused on "war on poverty", medical care act, food stamp act, not very successful, thwarted by cost of Vietnam war
  26. What was the Tet Offensive?
    a sneak attack by North Vietnam and Viet Cong on Tet, briefly successful but repelled by US and S. Vietnam forces, major turning point in American public opinion on war 
  27. What did Nixons "Vietnamization" policy do?
    Instituted a gradual withdrawal of US troops, increased bombings of N. Vietnam, continued support for a non-Communist gov't in S. Vietnam
  28. Who were the candidates in the election of 1968?
    Nixon, Humphrey, Wallace
  29. What was the Paris Peace Agreement?
    End of the war, US troops were pulled out, N. Vietnam was allowed to keep some troops in S. Vietnam, US would intervene if S. Vietnamese people were attacked 
  30. What is a stagnant economy with high inflation and high unemployment called?
  31. Who won the election of 1976?
  32. Who won the election of 1980?
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