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  1. George Washington
    Became the commander of the Continental Army.
  2. Mercenary
    Professional soldier hired to fight for a forgien country
  3. Strategy
    an overall plan of action
  4. Rendevous
    a meeting
  5. Battles of Saratoga
    series of conflicts bewteen British soliders and the continental Army in 1777 that proved to be turning point in the Revolutionary war
  6. Ally
    a country that agrees to help another country to achieve a common goal.
  7. Marquis de lafayette
    was a 19 year old French noblemen who volunteered to serve in Washington's Army
  8. Bayonet
    a long steel knife attached to the end of a gun
  9. Desert
    to leave military duty without intending to return
  10. Privateer
    privlatey owned ships that has government permission during wartime to attack an enemy's merchant ship
  11. James Forten
    who was the son of a free Arfican American sail maker
  12. John Paul Jones
    won the most famous sea battle.
  13. Lord Cornwallis
    a british general
  14. Guerrillas
    solider who weakens the enemy with surpise raids and hit and run attacks
  15. Battle of yorktown
    tThe last major battle of the Revolutionary war which resulted in the surrender British forces.
  16. Treaty of Paris of 1783
    1763 treaty thar ended the French and Indian war Britian gained all of North America east of the Mississippi
  17. Republicanism
    "belief that government should be based on the consent of the people, people excerise their power by voting for political representatives"
  18. Elizabeth Freemen
    sued for her freedom in a massachusetts court and won
  19. Richard Allen
    helped start the Free African Society
  20. Pacifist
    A quaker who opposed war
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