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  1. Cabbala (Kabbalah)
    body of mythical teachings of rabbinical origin based on interpretation of Hebrew scriptures
  2. Talmud
    body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legond comprising the Mishanh and the Germara
  3. Zohar
    cheif text of the Jewish Kabbadah
  4. Synagogue
    building where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious obsercation and instruction
  5. Gestapo
    secret German police under Nazi rule
  6. Lorry
    a horse drawn carrage
  7. Rabbi
    Jewish leader
  8. Fascist Party (Fascism)
    Italian political party created by Benito Mussolini
  9. Deportation
    taking the Jews out of Germany
  10. Guerillas
    small independent group taking independance by irregular fighting with larger groups
  11. Aryan
    people who have blonde hair, blue eyes. they are consitered the perfect race by Hitler.
  12. Kadddish
    an acient Jewist prayer that can be recited for the dead
  13. Kapo
    prisoners functioning as monitors
  14. Rosh Hashanah
    Jewish new year festival hold on September 1st or 2nd
  15. Yom Kippur
    religious fast of the Jewish year. The last of the ten days during pentence
  16. Holocaust
    mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime
  17. Dictator
    a ruler with total power over a country ususally obtained by force
  18. Phylacteries: Judaism
    in jewish religious practice one of 2 small black leather cubed shaped cases containing Torah texts
  19. S.S
    elite guard organized to serve as Hitler's personal protection service
  20. Ghetto
    the Jewish quarter of the city
  21. Memoir
    a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge
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