12 cranial nerves

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  1. What is the numonic to remember the 12 names of the cranial nerves
    Oh Oh OH to touch and feel very good velvet and hair.
  2. what is the numonic to remember the 12 cranial nerves and their functions
    s= sensory M=motor B=both

    some say marry money but my brother says big brains matters most.
  3. I.
    OH! / Some

    Olfactory nerve/bulb:  smell
  4. II.
    Oh! / Say

    Optic Nerve: vision
  5. III *
    OH! / marry

    Ocolomotor Nerve: 4/6 eye muscles, eyeball position, and sixze of pupil (parasympathetic component)
  6. IV. (4)
    To / Money

    Trochlear: 1 muscle for eyeball 
  7. V. (5)
    Touch / but

    • Trigeminal: MOtor: chewing muscle.
    • sensory: opthalamic, maxillary, mandibular regions
  8. VI (6)
    and / my

    abducens: abduct eyeball
  9. The 3 nerves that work together to prevent double vision
    Oculomotor, trochlear, abducens nerves
  10. *VII (7)
    feel / brother

    • facial: parasympathetic component to salivary glands (submandibular). Motor: muscles for facial expressions
    • Sensory: from anterior 2/3 of tongue
  11. VIII (8)
    Very / says

    vestibulocochlear: hearing and balance
  12. IX* (9)
    Good / Big

    • Glossopharyngeal: innervates structures of the tongue and pharynx .
    • Motor: to pharyngeal muscles
    • sensory: posterior 1/3 of tongue
  13. *X. (10)
    Velvet / brains

    • Vagus: parasympathetic components to organs of thoracic and abdominal cavities. 
    • Motor: muscles of pharynx and larynx
    • Sensory: from muscles of pharynx and larynx to taste from epiglottis
  14. XI. (11)
    And / matters

    Accessory: to trapezius and sternocleomastoid
  15. XII. (12)
    Hair/ most

    Hypoglossal: runs inferior to the tongue, moves tongue

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12 cranial nerves
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12 cranial nerves

12 cranial nerves
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