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  1. Why did East and West Palistan split into two seperate countries?
    East Pakistanans were mad that political and economical power was mainly in West Pakistan
  2. Who fought for independence for India?
  3. Where do most people in India live?
    In small villages
  4. What is unusual about the written form of the Chinese language?
    Characters representing a thing or an idea giving no clue to pronunciation
  5. What helped Taiwan's economy to grow?
    Them being able to trade with other countries/foreign trade
  6. How many islands are in the archepelago of Japan?
    1000's of islands - peaks of mountian ranges
  7. How did the Chinese government try to control population?
    one child per couple policy
  8. Why does Japan expericance so many earthquakes?
    Becuase it is on the Ring of Fire
  9. What influences Japan's climate?
    The climate varies according to the latitudes, monsooon winds, ocean currents.
  10. What are the reasons for Japan's sense of national unity?
  11. Why has Myanmar had a problem establishing national unity?
  12. Why has Thailand also been able to build a strong economy in Southeast Asia?
  13. What do Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia have in common?
  14. What makes Thailand unique among Southeast Asian nations?
  15. What is the Taj Mahal?
  16. What is Mt. Fuji?
  17. What does ASEAN stand for?
  18. What is the most popular America?
  19. Where do sumo wrestlers live while preparing to fight?
  20. What trees were donated to the United States from Japan as a symbol of friendship?
  21. What are the beliefs of Hindus?
  22. How were Hong Kong and China independent?
  23. How has Japan dealt with overpopulation and pollution?
  24. Why did Europeans colonize Southeast Asia?
  25. What was the only country in Southeast Asia not colonized by Europeans?
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