Health Chp. 21 Vocab

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  1. ethanol
    The type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages
  2. fermentation
    The chemical action of yeast on sugars
  3. depressant
    A drug that slows the central nervous system
  4. intoxication
    The state in which the body is poisoned by alcohol or another substance, and the person's physical and mental control is significantly reduced
  5. binge drinking
    Drinking five or more alcoholic drinks at one sitting
  6. alcohol poisoning
    A severe and potentially fatal physical reaction to an alcohol overdose
  7. psychological dependence
    A condition in which a person believes that a drug is needed in order to feel good or to function normally
  8. physiological dependence
    A condition in which the user has a chemical need for a drug
  9. alcohol abuse
    The excessive use of alcohol
  10. alcoholism
    A disease in which a person has a physical or psychological dependence on drinks that contain alcohol
  11. blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
    The amount of alcohol in a person's blood, expressed as a percentage
  12. fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
    A group of alcohol-related birth defects that include physical and mental problems
  13. alcoholic
    An addict who is dependent on alcohol
  14. recovery
    The process of learning to live an alcohol-free life
  15. sobriety
    Living without alcohol
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