World War I

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  1. Names for WWI
    • The War to End All Wars
    • The Great War
    • The Big One
    • President Wilsom said it was " a war to make the world safe for democracy".
  2. The Allied Powers ( Triple Entente)
    • Great Britain
    • France
    • Russia
    • U.S
  3. The Triple Alliance (Central Powers)
    • Germany
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Italy
    • Ottoman-Turks
  4. Causes for WWI (Why Euro. started fighting)
    • Imperialism
    • Militarism
    • Nationalism
    • Alliances
  5. Schlieffen Plan
    • Germany thought they could win the war real quick
    • Stall Russia
    • Quickly storm thru Belgium and into France to take Paris
    • Didn't work. Turned into a stalemate
  6. Trench Warfare
    • Definition: A type of warfare in which opposing armies face each other in entrenched positions
    • Schlieffen Plan was stopped in Western France
    • Both sides dug trenches and neither could advance
  7. Battle of The Somme (1916)
    • 60,000 British casualties in first day
    • Lasted from July-November
    • 1.2 million total casualties
    • Fought over the same 7 miles of land
    • Any charge was mowed down by machine gun fire
  8. Reasons the U.S. entered WW1
    • Lusitania (unrestricted sub-marine warfare)
    • Economics (most important reason)
    • -U.S. loaned allies money to buy U.S. weapons
    • -U.S. traded more with the allies
    • Zimmerman Note: Germany tried to get Mexico to start a war with the U.S.
  9. Preparing for War
    • U.S not ready: 200,000 soldiers in the army
    • Selective Service Act:
    • 24 million men registered
    • 3 million were drafted
  10. Convoy System
    • An armed force, warship, etc., that escorts, esp. for protection
    • Non-military ships traveled in groups and were protected by military vessels
  11. AEF
    • American Expeditionary Force
    • Led by Gen. John J Pershing
    • Starting with 200,000 and grew to over 2 million
    • Always fought under American Leadership
  12. Gen. John J Pershing
    • Said we needed to be more aggressive not defensive
    • Made rule that U.S. soldier must fight under Ame. leadership
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