med terms 4 part 3

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  1. abductor digiti minimi pedis muscle
    the abuducter muscle of the small toe of the foot
  2. adductor pollicis muscle
    the adductor muscle of the thumb
  3. articularis cubiti muscle
    the joint muscle of the elbow
  4. buccinator muscle
    muscle of the cheek 
  5. depressor anguli oris muscle
    the muscle that lowers or depresses the corner of the mouth
  6. dilator naris muscle
    the muscle that dilates the nostrils
  7. extensor digitorum muscle
    the muscle that extends the fingers/toes
  8. flexor hallucis brevis muscle 
    the short flexor muscle of the big toe
  9. mentalis muscle
    muscle of the chin
  10. opponens pollicis muscle
    the muscle opposing the thumb
  11. sphincter ani externus muscle
    the sphincter muscle surrounding the outside of the anus
  12. sphincter pupillae muscle
    the sphincter muscle of the pupil of the eye
  13. tensor tympani muscle
    the tensor muscle of the ear drum/tympanic membrane
  14. triceps brachii muscle
    three headed muscle of the arm
  15. levator labii superioris muscle 
    the muscle that which raises the upper lip
  16. biceps brachii muscle
    two headed muscle of the arm
  17. sphincter urethrae muscle
    sphincter muscle of the urethra
  18. rotatores cervicis muscle
    the muscle that rotates/turns the neck of the uterus
  19. extensor indicis muscle
    the muscle which extends the first finger
  20.  flexor pollicis longus muscle
    the long muscle that flexes the thumb
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