Facade of the Northern Pavilion

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  1. Why was teh small hermitage created
    A refuge form the winter palace for Catherine II
  2. How were palaces made to facilitate the liberal social life
    With many dining and reception rooms
  3. What style did Peter the Great favor, placing restrictions on the nobility
    Baroque style, construction in stone
  4. What was Peter the Greats first residence in St. Petersburg
    A log cabin on the river neva
  5. What did Peter envision in St. Petersburg
    A westernized city rivaling those of Europe
  6. Who began contruction on the Winter Palace? What style?
    Peter the Great had the palace started between 1711 and 1712 under the Baroque style
  7. The Baroque style came to be known as what
    Petrine Style
  8. Who had Versailles created
    France's Louis XIV, France's Sun King
  9. Who designed the first Winter Palace
    Georg Johann Mattarnovi
  10. Under which leader did the Winter Palace grow to it's current form
  11. Who did Elizabeth call to add to the Palace? Where did he develope his ideas
    Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, an Italian who developed his ideas under Tsarina Anna
  12. What was the Palace to demonstrate
    The power of the Russian Empire
  13. What style are the Palaces room's decorated in
    Neoclassical and Rococo style
  14. What did Catherine II want out of the Hermitage
    A place that could serve as a refuge, a Hermitage
  15. Where did the word Hermitage originate in terms of Catherine II
    From Elizabeth's descriptions of personal retreats
  16. What was the function of the Winter Palace?
    Large formal state functions
  17. Where did the idea of teh Hermitage's purpose come from
    French slaons of the enlightenment, intellectuals gathered to talk about art and literature
  18. Who were the two architects of the two parts of the Hermitage
    Yury Veltin and Jean Baptiste de le Mothe
  19. Yury Veltin studied architecture under who
  20. Where did Jean Baptiste recieve his training?
    Academic training in France, then a period of study in Rome
  21. What three major pieces did de le Mothe construct in Russia
    The Northern Pavilion, Imperial Academy of Arts and the Catholic Church to St. Catherine
  22. What pleased Catherin about de le Mothe
    His neoclassical style
  23. What is teh Hermitage used for today
    Muesum holding a large art collection
  24. What doers the Hermitage consist of
    Two pavilions connected by a hanging garden
  25. Who designed the Southern Pavilion
  26. What features of the Northern Pavilion are reminscent of the Winter Palace
    Corinthian Columns of the portico
  27. What did the Winter Palace look like? What did all three referred buildings look like
    The Northern Pavilion looked like the Winter Palace, the Winter Palace looked like Versallies, all three looked like ancient Greek and Roman
  28. What was Jean-Javques Rousseau's view on a powerful leader
    That he needed somewhere to retreat into quiet. That in the simple life the greater truths are found
  29. Under what circumstances was the Hermitage calm?
    When compared to the Winter Palace, but was extravegant even when compared to St. Petersburg's wealthy merchants
  30. What did ownership of art say about Catherine
    Her cosmopolitan nature and her power as a world leader
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