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  1. Explain the purpose of the With...End With block
    The With...End With block is used to set more than one property of an object without having to type out the objects name for each property.
  2. What has to be done to import an image file into a project.
    Copy and paste the object into the project, then click on the object and label the content in the objects properties.
  3. Explain how to use a single event procedure to work with many controls. 
    After the “handles” statement in the declaration line use a “,” separated list to add multiple controls events to the event handler.Use the handle procedure with a comma delimited event.
  4. Explain what .net framework is and how our programs use it to run.
    It allows objects from other languages to operate together and standardizes how each language refers to data and objects.
  5. Explain the process our programs go through to run on windows machines. 
    • Visual Basic Code is compiled into Microsoft Intermediate Language and is then run in the Common Language Runtime which interacts between our program and the Operating System.
    • VB-->MSIL-->CLR-->OS
  6. How do we use a Try...Catch...End Try block to control user input in our programs. 
    The Try...Catch...End Try block will attempt to execute code between the Try and Catch statements.  If the code was successful then the program continues as normal.  If the code fails then the code in between the Catch and End Try statements runs.  
  7. a. Write the code to clear an error provider named ErrorProvider1.    
    b. Write the code to set an error on a specified text box with some text. 
    • a. Errorprovider1.clear()
    • b. ErrorProvider1.setError(someTextBox, “Enter some text here.”)
  8. Explain why we have to use the for loop with an integer when deleting items of a collection instead of the for each loop. 
    The For Each loop only reads and edits while the For loop with an integer can read, edit and delete.
  9. Given a List View control with column one is Code and column two is State, write the code to add the following to the List View.
    • Dim lvi as New ListViewItem
    • With lvi
    •    .Text = “Code”
    •    With .subItems
    •       .add( “State”)
    •    End With
    • End With
    • SomeListView.Items.Add(lvi)
  10. a. Describe the limitations on images used in vb.
    b.Which property of each image list item is used to link the image to a control.
    • a. They are limited to certain file types and must be specific size.
    • b. The image key using the text property of the image.
  11. How do you connect an imagelist control to a listview control so that your listview items can have an image displayed next to them. 
    Set the Large Image List and Small Imagelist property of the listview control to the image lists you want to use use.  Then provide the image key when creating each listviewitem.
  12. What's the easy way to read and write text files in VB projects. 
    Using a hidden Rich Text Box and then using its built in save and load functions.
  13. Explain what the term parsing means and wrote the code for a short example. 
    • Parsing converts a string that contains numeric values into their numeric data type for use in calculations.
    • Dim money As Decimal = 0.0
    • money = Decimal.Parse(someTextBox.text)
  14. Explain what enumerations are and site some examples of them in our windows programs. 
    Enumerations are a list of something.  An example of an enumeration is the colors used with the color property of controls.  Intelisence will show an enumeration of colors when you are trying to set the color of a control in your code.
  15. In multi-form projects what is the difference between using a show() function versus the showDialog() function.
    When using the showDialog() function the user must close the new form before they can do anything else on the first form.
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