morality chapter 5 vocab

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  1. an offense against God and an action contrary to his law of love; purposely doing wrong
  2. disobedience against God by the first human beings. this sin marks all human beings as needing the salvation brought about through Christ.
    original sin
  3. an action that weakens our relationship with God
    venial sin
  4. an action so destructive that it mortally wounds our relationship with God; complete rejection of God
    mortal sin
  5. not doing an action that is called for
    sin of omission
  6. purposely doing an action that is harmful to oneself or another
    sin of commission
  7. the degree to which people are responsible for their actions
  8. "the state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed, reserved for those who refuse by their own free choice to believe and be converted from son, even to the end of their lives"
  9. an attitude of not getting involved, not caring, not acting when action is called for
  10. a term comparable to "structures of sin" referring to sinful structures resulting from personal sin and leading to social conditions and institutions that do not embody God's law of love
    social sin
  11. ways societies are structured resulting in unjust distribution of power; benefits, and privileges
    sinful social structures
  12. a strong feeling or emotion of displeasure which arise as a result of some injury or insult and often involves a desire for revenge
  13. greed, or an excessive desire for wealth or material possessions
  14. a synonym for avarice; greed or an excessive devotion or attachment to the way a particular person or group teaches and lives
  15. seven deadly sins which are rooted in fallen human nature and are the source of other related sins; they are: pride, avarice, lust , anger, gluttony, envy and sloth
    capital sin
  16.  feelings of resentment or ill-will because of another’s goodness, talents or success
  17. uncontrolled and unnecessary indulgence in food, drink, or drugs
  18. a lack of knowledge or understanding
  19. one who consciously lives and acts in a sinful manner
    immoral person
  20. immoral desires for sexual pleasures which violate human dignity
  21. the push to live and act in the way that everyone else seems to be doing; usually refers to acting in harmful or sinful ways
    peer pressure
  22. an individual evil action by an individual person
    personal sin
  23. either hoping to save oneself with any help from God, or hoping to obtain God’s forgiveness without conversion and salvation without meriting it
  24. a false and excessive love of one’s ability of intelligence
  25. placing oneself in a situation where sin is more likely to be committed
    occasion sin
  26. excessive laziness and a waste of one’s God-given talents
  27. willful harm done to the property of others
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