Mendelian Genetics II: Intermediate Inheritance

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  1. a.    Not all heritable characters determined by just two genes
    b.    Inheritance of characters determined by single gene deviates from simple Mendelian patterns when alleles not completely __or __, when a particular gene has more than __, or when a single gene produces __
    • dominant
    • recessive
    • two alleles
    • multiple phenotypes
  2. i.    Complete dominance
    phenotypes of heterozygote and dominant homozygotes are the same
  3. ii.    Incomplete dominance
    neither allele is completely dominant and F1 hybrids have phenotype between two parental varieties
  4. Incomplete dominance appears to prove __, which says __
    a.    In fact, interbreeding F1 hybrids produce F2 offspring with phenotypic ratio of __
    i.    Proves that inheritance is __
    • blending hypothesis
    • that you’d never be able to get red or white again like parents, and just produce pink offspring forever
    • one red: two pink: one white (1:2:1)
    • particulate
  5. iii.    Codominance   
    1.    Two alleles each affect the phenotype in separate, distinguishable ways
  6. a.    Human MN blood group determined by __ alleles for two specific molecules on surface of red blood cells, the M and N molecules
    i.    Single gene locus, at which two allelic variations are possible, determines __of this blood group
    • codominant
    • phenotype
  7. 1.    Individuals with homozygous MM or NN have only RBCs with M or N molecules, respectively
    2.    Both M and N present in heterozygous MN individuals
    3.    `not __; both alleles present
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