Mendelian Genetics III: Multiple Alleles

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  1. a.    Why is it dominant?
    i.    Alleles are simply variations in __
    1.    When dominant coexists with recessive in heterozygote, they don’t interact
    a.    It is in the __that come into play
    • Dominant because it’s seen phenotype, not because subdues recessive allele
    • gene’s nucleotide sequence
    • pathway from genotype to phenotype
  2. b.    For any character, the observed dominant/ recessive relationship of alleles depends on level of phenotype examination:
    i.    Tay-Sachs
  3. i.    Tay-Sachs
    1.    Brain cells of kid cannot __ due to malfunctioned crucial enzyme
    a.    Lipids accumulate in __-->__-->__--> degeneration of motor and mental performance
    • metabolize certain lipids
    • brain
    • seizures
    • blindness
  4. 2.    Only kids who inherit two copies of __ have it
    a.    At organismal level: __
    b.    Activity level of lipid-metabolizing enzyme is __between for heterozygous
    i.    Biochemical level: __
    c.    Molecular level: normal allele and Tay-Sachs allele are __
    i.    Equal numbers of normal and dysfunctional enzyme molecules
    • Tay-Sachs allele
    • recessive
    • intermediate
    • incomplete dominance
    • codominant
  5. True or False: Dominant Alleles are always more popular than recessive gene
    False not
  6. c.    Multiple Alleles
    i.    Most genes occur in more than __allelic forms
    1.    ABO blood groups: __alleles
    a.    Blood group (__) may be one of four types
    i.    A and B refer to two __on surface of RBCs
    ii.    Neither is O
    • two
    • three
    • phenotype
    • carbohydrates
  7. d.    Pleiotrophy
    i.    Most genes have multiple phenotypic effects= __
    1.    Responsible for multiple symptoms associated with certain hereditary diseases

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