A Christmas Carol

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  1. preposterous (prih-POS-ter-uhs) adjective;
    contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurd

    example: Here in upstate Michigan, the idea of an 80-degree Christmas Day is preposterous.
  2. hobble (HOB-uhl) verb;
    • to walk in an awkward way; to limp

    example: After her ankle surgery, Amanda thought it best to use a wheelchair rather than hobble from class to class on crutches.
  3. miserly (MY-zer-lee) adjective ;
    stingy; inclined toward hoarding money

    example: The villagers loathed their miserly king, who refused to share even the slightest bit of his wealth during the famine.
  4. dilapidated (dih-LAP-ih-day-tid) adjective;
    • reduced to or fallen into partial ruin or decay, as
    • from age, wear, or neglect

    example: Aunt Terry refused to walk across the dilapidated wooden bridge after witnessing it shudder and shake in the wind.
  5. squalid (SKWOL-id) adjective;
    filthy and gloomy, usually because of neglect or poverty

    example: “I don’t know how you can live in these squalid conditions,” said Emma’s mom. “You must clean up your room this weekend. It’s becoming a matter of safety!
  6. evoke (ih-VOHK) verb;
    to elicit, produce, or draw forth

    example: Our pleas failed to evoke pity from our teacher, who went ahead and assigned a mountain of homework over winter break.
  7. social cause (SOH-shul kawz) noun;
    • a principle, an aim, or a movement relating to society that
    • people support, defend, raise money for, etc.

    example: The charity event successfully raised thousands of dollars for various social causes.
  8. Dickensian (di' ken-zee-un) adjective
    of or like the novels of (Charles Dickens) especially with regard to poor social and economic conditions.

    Example: Infact he wrote so much about the hardships that a new word was assed to the English language: "Dickensian". "It means "resembling the conditions described in Dickens's stories"
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