7th Kup Grading Rufus

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  1. Which pattern will you perform for this grading and how many movements ?
    Dan-Gun, 21 movements
  2. Tell me about the name of the pattern you performed for this grading ?
    Dan-Gun is named after the holy Dan-Gun, the legendary founder of Korea in the year 2333 BC.
  3. Name the FOUR blocking movements within the pattern ?
    • 1. L-Stance Knife Hand Guarding Block.
    • 2. Walking Stance Outer Forearm Low Block.

    3. L-Stance Twin Forearm Block.

    4. Walking Stance Outer Forearm Rising Block.
  4. Who is the First Grand Master of Taekwon-Do ?
    First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, 9th Dan.
  5. Can you explain 'Inside' and 'Outside' blocks ?
    An inside block is any defensive technique which blocks to the inside of the attacking tool.

    An outside block is any defensive technique which blocks to the outside of the attacking tool.
  6. Explain obverse and reverse punches ?
    In walking stance, obverse would be the same arm and leg performing and the reverse the opposite arm and leg performing.
  7. What does yellow in a belt represent ?
    Yellow is used to describe the earth. It represents the foundation from which a plant takes root and grows.
  8. When was Taekwon-do officially born ?
    Taekwon-Do was officially named and born on April 11 1955 by the founder General Choi Hong Hi.
  9. What does green in a belt represent ?
    Green represents the growth of plants like the leaves on a tree. It shows that the skills of the student are beginning to develop and improve.
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