Bio chapter 1

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  1. Why study bio?
  2. Lays the foundation for asking basic questions about life and the natural world
    • To understand the structure of organisms (including yourself) and how they function
  3. all organisms...
  4. Are complex and organized
    • b) Regulate and maintain internal conditions
    • (homeostasis)
    • c) Grow and develop
    • d) Acquire and use energy (metabolism)
    • e) Sense and respond to the environment
    • f) Reproduce
    • g) Evolve
  5. Biosphere ....... moleclues and atoms
  6. Biosphere ----> Ecosystem ----> community ---->
    • population ----> organism ---> organ systems ---> tissue--->
    • cell ---> organelles --->molecules and atoms
  7. What is the lowest level of structure that can perform all activities required for life?
    The cell.
  8. what are the two major types of cells?
    Eukaryotic and prokaryotic.
  9. what are the main characteristics of the eukaryotic cell?
  10. Larger
    • • Ore complex structure
    • • DNA in the nucleus, enclosed by membrane
    • • Contains many types of organelles
  11. what are some major characteristics of the prokaryotic cell?
  12. Smaller
    • • Simpler structure
    • • DNA concentrated in the nucleoid region,
    • not enclosed by membrane
    • • Lacks most organelles
  13. what are the three categories of life?
  14. Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya
  15. Describe independent vs. dependent variables in regards to the scientific method:
  16. The measurement of the Dependent Variable
    DEPENDS on the Independent Variable
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