Mod F Unit 2 Theory Test

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  1. this diagnosis is made by providing treatment and seeing how the condition responds.
  2. what is the malignant neplasm that comes from bone?
    osteo sarcoma
  3. when cells divide and a defomity occurs, it is a ____ disorder.
  4. this is an inherited abnormality which causes a defect in the enamel formation.
    amelogenesis imperfecta
  5. this is the inflammatory change in the oral mucosa.
  6. this form will record the patients overall health and dental status before treatment is provided.
    medical-dental health history
  7. what will the dentist do once the information and diagnostic gathering process has been comleted?
    formulates an assesment
  8. the patient record is what?
    a permanent document of the dentist
  9. this is the document that the dentist uses as an overall quality of care the patient will receive
    patient record
  10. a new patient that arrives for his or her appointment should be:
    asked to fill out a history form & explained why that is important
  11. employment information is found where on the patient record form?
  12. the written medical-dental history form:
    should be regarded as minimal information
  13. the medical history should include questions about the patient's past medical history, present physical condition, 
    and chronic conditions, allergies, and current meds
  14. when should you help a patient with a medical history form?
    when the patient may not understand the terminology or may have a language barrier.
  15. what are two examples of quality assurance?
    • 1) timely recall of patients is followed to address their dental needs and document when radiographs were taken.
    • 2) current and up to date emergency standards are adhered to by the dental team and current and up to date licenses, registrations, and certifications and training of the dental team members are maintained.
  16. what is another name for apthous ulcer?
    canker sore
  17. another name for teeth grinding?
  18. another name for extra teeth?
  19. broad term for abnormal tissue?
  20. why do we have to know about oral pathology?
    to know the difference between normal and abnormal tissues
  21. inflammation of the tongue
  22. smokeless tobacco
    increased chance of tooth loss from periodontal disease
  23. most detailed form in the patient record:
    clinical examination form
  24. goals obtaining medical history form
    medical history; allergies, medical conditions, and any special needs.
  25. another name for dry mouth
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